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PBE Ult Bug: Trap An Enemy Champion

Briar is one of the newest champions in League of Legends, a game developed by Riot Games.

Her ultimate ability, Certain Death, allows her to fly into the air and shoot a powerful bolt, piercing enemies and terrain.

The PBE ult bug is a glitch that allows Briar to use her ultimate, Certain Death, to escape Mordekaiser’s ultimate, Realm of Death, which is not supposed to happen. This bug unfairly advantages Briar over Mordekaiser and disrupts the game’s balance. 

This article will explain how the bug works, why it is problematic, and what the developers are doing to fix it.

The PBE Ult Bugs In League Of Legends

The PBE (Public Beta Environment) is a testing server for League of Legends.

With this, players can try them out before releasing new features, champions, items, and game modes to the live servers.

However, the PBE is also prone to various bugs and glitches affecting gameplay and balance.

One of the most common types of bugs that occur on the PBE are ult bugs.

These bugs are errors or inconsistencies that affect the ultimate abilities of certain champions.\

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Some Ult Bugs In LoL

Ult bugs can range from minor visual glitches to game-breaking exploits that give players an unfair advantage or ruin the fun for others.

1. Pyke: The Bloodharbor Ripper

One of the recent ult bugs on the PBE involves Pyke, the Bloodharbor Ripper.

The Pyke is a support assassin who can execute enemies below a certain health threshold with his ultimate Death From Below. 

The bug allowed Pyke to use his ultimate multiple times in a row without any cooldown as long as he killed an enemy.

However, a zombie-like effect affects it, such as in Sion’s Glory in Death or Kog’Maw’s Icathian Surprise.

Contrarily, this bug was quickly reported and fixed by Riot Games before Pyke was released to the live servers.

Pyke is a support assassin who can execute enemies.

2. Briar: The Wild Rose

Another example of an ult bug on the PBE relates to Briar, the Wild Rose.

Briar is a marksman who can launch herself into the air and fire a powerful missile at a target location with her ultimate, Thorn Strike.

The bug caused Briar to be immune to Mordekaiser’s ultimate Realm of Death.

Further, this ultimate is to trap an enemy champion in a separate dimension for a few seconds.

However, this bug was reported and addressed by Riot Games in a recent update to the PBE.

briar bug
Briar is a marksman who can launch herself into the air and fire.

Report Bugs On The PBE To Riot Games

Ult bugs are inevitable on the PBE, as a testing environment constantly adds and changes new and experimental features.

However, the PBE also serves as a platform for players to provide feedback and report bugs to Riot Games.

They aim to improve the quality and stability of the game before releasing it to the live servers.

Riot Games encourages players to report bugs on the PBE through the official League of Legends Support website.

Further, they can try the PBE Bug and Feedback Thread on Reddit or the PBE Bug Reports section on the League of Legends Boards.

By reporting bugs on the PBE, players can help Riot Games fix and prevent them from affecting the live servers.

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The Bottom Line

The League developers have confirmed the bug and are working on fixing it.

Additionally, they have asked the players to report any other bugs they find in the PBE, as they are constantly testing and improving the game.

We hope that this bug will be resolved soon and that Briar and Mordekaiser will have a fair and fun interaction in the future.

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