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How To Get Lomei Labyrinth Island Basement In TotK?

Developed by Nintendo, Zelda Tears of the Kingdom provides players various Labyrinths and quests to tackle.

Furthermore, completing these Labyrinths rewards players with great items to make it all worth it. 

Players of TotK must complete a series of Labyrinths to get into the Lomei Labyrinth Basement. However, once inside, players must further fight a Flux construct, and after the battle, players can obtain the Evil Spirit Armor.

Continue reading to learn where the Labyrinth Island Basement is and how to complete it.

Where Is Lomei Labyrinth Island Basement?

Lomei Labyrinth Island Basement is the inner chasm within the Lomei Labyrinth Island.

The basement hosts one of the strongest monsters in the game, Flux Construct III.

However, the players can defeat the construct and obtain great loot within the chasm.

Furthermore, the loot the players obtain in a set piece for a great amor set in the game.
Lomei Labyrinth Island basement is deep within the Lomei Labyrinth.

Thus, players need to get to Lomei Labyrinth Island first before they can enter the basement.

Steps To Get To The Lomei Labyrinth Island Basement

You can follow the steps below to reach the Lomei Labyrinth Island Basement.

  1. First, players must climb the hill toward the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.
Map Location For Jochi-iu Shrine In ToTK.
Map location for Jochi-iu Shrine in TotK.
  1. Then, when players are at the top, they can easily glide down to Lomei Labyring Island’s entrance.
Area To Glide From To Reach Lomei Labyrinth
Players must glide to reach Lomei Labyrinth in TotK.
  1. Moreover, players can also build a flying machine from Zonai devices to fly there.
  2. Then, when the players reach the island, they should glide toward the small camp and stone tablet waiting out front.
Lomei Labyrinth Island TotK
Gliding into the Lomei Labyrinth Island TotK.
  1. After the players reach the stone tablet, the players must interact with the tablet.
Interaction With The Stone Tablet In ToTK
Interaction with the stone tablet in TotK.
  1. Then, the tablet will reward the players if they complete the Labyrinth.
  2. After the interaction with the tablet, it will notify the players that a researcher has left out acorns around the Labyrinth to mark his path.
Following Tree Nuts To Reach The Chasm Of The Labyrinth
Following Tree Nuts to reach the chasm of the Labyrinth.
  1. The players can follow the acorn trail to reach a path marked by braziers.
  2. Likewise, they must climb up a ladder and into the central chamber.
 Reach Lomei Labyrinth Chasm In TotK
Path to follow to reach Lomei Labyrinth chasm in TotK.
  1. After the player enters the central chamber, they will find the Igashuk Shrine and a stone Zomai terminal that they need to activate.
  2. Once the player activates the terminal, a mysterious voice will talk with the player.
  3. Here the player obtains the new quest, The Lomei Labyrinth Island Prophecy.
Start Of The Lomei Labyrinth Prophecy In ToTK.
Start of the Lomei Labyrinth Prophecy in TotK.
  1. Then, the player will need to complete a series of Labyrinth quests.

After completing all the other Labyrinth quests, players can enter the Lomei Depths Labyrinth.

Completion Of Lomei Labyrinth Prophecy Quest In ToTK.
Completion of Lomei Labyrinth Prophecy quest in TotK.
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Steps To The Lomei Depths Labyrinth

  1. After the player enters the depths, the area will be dark, and here players need to be very careful.
Entering Lomei Depths Labyrinth In ToTK.
Entering Lomei Depths Labyrinth in TotK.
  1. In the depths, the players can keep gliding or carry Brightbooms to illuminate the area.
  2. After the players land, they will notice the light of a Flux Contruct’s eyes beneath the grate.
  3. Players need to get to the Flux Contruct and fight against it.
  4. However, it is Flux Construct III; thus, the fight can be challenging.
Interaction With Flux Construct III In Totk
Interaction with Flux constructs III in TotK.
  1. After the player defeats the Flux Construct, a terminal at the side of the room will illuminate.
Interaction With The Terminal
Interaction with the terminal to receive the reward in TotK.
  1. The players can enter the area and will obtain the Evil Spirit Armor.
Evil Spirit Armor Reward
Evil Spirit armor reward for Lomei Labyrinth Chasm completion in TotK.

The main reason to enter the Lomei Labyrinth Basement is to obtain the Evil Spirit Armor.

Furthermore, the Evil Spirit Armor allows the players to use the Stealth up skill.

Evil Spirit armor in game model In TotK
Evil Spirit armor in-game model in TotK.

Additionally, the skill is one of the most vital skills an armor can provide to the players in the game.

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The Bottom Line

Labyrinths in RPGs are there to test the patience of the players.

However, the Labyrinths in Tears of the Kingdom can become long and sometimes frustrating.

But, the rewards are well worth the time spent completing the Labyrinths.

Hopefully, this article can help you get to the Lomei Labyrinth Basement and obtain the Evil Spirit armor.

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