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Do Flux Constructs Respawn In TotK?

Developed by Nintendo, Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is an action-packed RPG (Role Playing Game).

The game contains various monsters for the players to challenge and defeat.

Recently, players of Totk have found that the Flux Constructs don’t respawn. However, they claim it as a bug and restarting the game or waiting a bit longer respawns the Flux Constructs again.

Continue reading to discover why the Flux Constructs are not respawning and how you can respawn them again.

What Are Flux Constructs?

Flux Constructs are massive overworld enemies capable of taking various forms.

They can shape-shift their bodies into various forms, i.e., Humanoid Form, Rolling Box Form, and Flat Plain Form.

Additionally, the players meet the first Flux Construct I on the Great Sky Island.

The Flux Construct takes on various phases. Here is a description of their phases;

1. Walking Phase

In this phase, the Flux Construct looks like a walking man.

This phase consists of two telegraphed attacks; A Charged Punch and a Stomping Charge.

2. Flying Platform Phase

In this phase, the Flux Construct looks like a floating horizontal platform.

This phase consists of two attacks. It flings five blocks one after the other, and the other hangs five blocks and flings them simultaneously toward you.

3. Rolling Cube Phase

In this phase, the Flux Construct looks like a cube. This phase does not have any attack patterns.

However, the Flux Construct rolls around, which can deal damage if it crushes the player.

A Look At Flux Construct
Flux Construct consists of three phases.

Where Can You Find Flux Constructs?

The Players meet the first Flux Construct in Sky Island. Moreover, the first interaction with the Flux Construct is a lot easier than expected by the players.

However, the other Flux Constructs will not be as easy as the first one. Additionally, each Flux Construct spawns in a different area.

Here is a list of places and coordinates:

  • Flux Construct I: The Great Sky Island (0486,-1542,1439)
Flux Construct I Location
Flux Construct I Location
  • Flux Construct II: Sokkala Sky Archipelago (3651,1813,0988)
  • Flux Construct III: TBA
All Flux Construct Location In The Depths
All Flux Construct Respawn Locations in the Depths

Additionally, you can meet various Flux Constructs in the Sky Islands and the Depths.

However, you will also meet Flux Construct while looking for Sage’s Wills.

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Do Flux Constructs Respawn?

Yes! Flux Constructs do respawn; however, players must wait for a Blood Moon after defeating the Flux Constructs.

But, if the player is in the respawn area when the Flux Constructs respawn, they do not; however, the players claim this to be a bug.

Furthermore, players claiming a complete game restart typically fixes the bug.

Additionally, some players have claimed the bug does not exist for them.

Thus, the respawn bug is inconsistent, and players can expect a fix to the bug in future updates.

Rewards After Defeating Flux Constructs

The players can defeat the Flux Constructs for various materials as rewards. Here is a list of rewards from the Flux Constructs;

  • Zonai Charge
  • Large Zonai Charge
  • Flux Construct Core

The players can use the rewards from the Flux Construct by fusing them into weapons.

Additionally, a Flux Construct core from Flux Construct I increases the attack damage by + 13.

However, the Flux Construct core from Flux Construct II increases the attack damage by +20.

Additionally, the highest of all, the Flux Construct core from Flux Construct III, increases the attack damage by +32.

The Bottom Line

Flux Constructs are one of the strongest monsters and are farmable as they respawn.

However, in rare cases, they might be bugged and not respawn.

Hopefully, this article has helped us understand why the Flux Construct might not be respawning.

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