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How To Open Tobio’s Hollow Chasm?

Developed by Nintendo, Zelda Tears of The Kingdom is the new addition to the Zelda Franchise.

The game contains various quests for the players to complete. And each quest rewards the player with something worth their time.

Players complete various quests to get various items and, in some cases, activate various glitches. One of these quests is the 5th sage Mineru quest, allowing players access to Tobio’s Hollow Chasm. However, the quest is a hassle to complete.

Continue reading to learn how to complete the quest and open Tobio’s Hollow Chasm.

How To Open Tobio’s Hollow Chasm?

Tobio’s Hollow Chasm is the talk of the game for the players currently, as the Chasm allows the players to use the duplication glitch.

However, players first need to access the Chasm before performing the glitch.

But, accessing the Chasm is not easy, and the players must complete a chain of quests before gaining access.

Continue reading to discover how to Dupe Arrows in TotK and use Paraglider Dupe Glitch in TotK.

Step 1: Complete Mineru’s Mask Quest

To open the Tobios Hollow Chasm, you must complete the quest line for Mineru’s Mask first.

Thus, we will first discuss how to complete Mineru’s Mask Chain quest.

  1. First, you need to head to ThunderHead Isles.
  2. However, to get to the ThunderHead Isles, you must go to Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower.
Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower
Go to Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower.
  1. Once you reach the tower, use the tower to propel yourself into the air. Additionally, you must bring a lot of stamina food.
Use The Tower To Propel Into The Air
Use the Tower to Propel into the Air
  1. Once in the air, head towards the Thunderclouds towards the Thunderhead Isles.
  2. Moreover, when you get near Dragonhead Island, use your paraglider to head toward the Island.
DragonHead Island Area
Head to DragonHead Island Area
  1. Once close enough, mark the Area shown in the image.
Marked Area To Land
Marked Area to Land
  1. Once you land near the Area, the surrounding will get foggy, and your vision will lower.
  2. However, move around a bit, and you will find an opening, drop down the opening, and see the Joku-U Shrine.
Joku-U Shrine Area
See the Joku-U Shrine Area
  1. Activate the Shrine, but do not enter the Shrine; near the Shrine, you will see a few branches; cut the branches and enter.
Branches To Destroy
Cut the branches to enter.
  1. Once you cut the branches, enter the Area, and in front of you will be a door.
Door Location To Access The Mask
Door Location to Access the Mask
  1. Place your hand on the door to activate it. You will need 10 Hearts to activate it because the door uses hearts to activate.
Use Of Hearts To Open The Door
Use of Hearts to Open the Door
  1. Once inside, you will find a green Mask; activate the Mask to begin the Mineru’s Mask questline.
Obtaining The Mask
Activate the Mask to begin the quest.

Step 2: Mineru’s Questline

After you obtain the Mask, the Mineru’s Mask questline begins.

Here is a step guide to completing the Questline;

  1. The Mask will shoot a beam toward a location you need to follow.
  2. After the cutscene, carry the Mask and head toward the beam of light; right outside, there will be a glider that you will need to build. 
  3. However, you can use your own pre-built glider, but if you don’t have a pre-built glider, use the glider outside.
Pre-Built Glider
You can find the Pre-Built Glider.
  1. Equip the glider with the Mask as well.
  2. After you build the glider, fly it toward the green beam.
  3. Once you get to the location and land the glider, take the Mask off of the glider.
  4. After you remove the Mask, carry it toward the Pedestal before you. Additionally, the quest will point you toward the Pedestal.
Pedestal To Place The Mask
The Pedestal will point you toward the Mask.
  1. Once you place the Mask on the Pedestal, it will open a Zonite device for you.
Zonite Device To Activate With The Mask
Zonite Device to Activate with the Mask
  1. After the Zonite device moves up, a new Area will open up.
  2. Enter the new Area, which is Tobio’s Hollow Chasm.
Entering Tobio's Hollow Chasm
Enter the Tobio’s Hollow Chasm

However, Mineru’s Questline does not end here.

After you enter the Area, you must follow the green beam again until you obtain the 5th Sage Construct. 

The Bottom Line

Players tend to venture into different quests to discover various mysteries in games.

However, some of these mysteries also lead to players finding glitches within the game. 

Tobio’s Chasm is a prime example of a new Area holding mysteries beyond the player’s imagination. It is more to exploit a glitch but a mystery nonetheless. 

Hopefully, this article can give you a way to reach Tobio’s Hollow Chasm and perform the glitches easily. 

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