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Lords Of The Fallen Storyline After Hushed Saint

After defeating the Hushed Saint, players feel a sense of relief as it is the hardest boss in Lords Of The Fallen.

But it does not mean that the rest of the game is going to become any easier.

Several bosses and mini-bosses swait these players even after defeating the Hushed Giant.

Fitzroy’s George is the next area in Lords Of The Fallen that players have to discover after defeating the Hushed Saint where they can face upto 3 bosses.

Continue Reading this article to learn about all the boss encounters in Fitzroy’s George.

Go To Fitzroy’s Gorge After Hushed Giant Fight

Fitzroy’s Gorge is one of the Locations in Lords of the Fallen where players can encounter many bosses.

It is an area structured around a stream where players can traverse the high mountainsides.

To get to Fitzroy’s Gorge, just continue along the path that is unlocked after beating the Hushed Saint.

Be on high alert at Fitzroy’s George as there are 3 boss fights in the area.

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Crimson Rector Percival: First Boss After Hushed Saint

This is the first mini-boss that players will encounter at Fitzroy’s Gorge.

To encounter this boss, take a rest at the Vestige Seedling and return to the Axiom.

Make your way through the wooden crates and follow the right path until you reach a scene of four Raw Manglers in combat.

Crimson Rector Percival In Lords Of The Fallen
Crimson Rector Percival In Lords Of The Fallen.

After that, defeat the victors of the battle and prepare for a boss fight.

Crimson Rector Percival is an average mini-boss fight in the game, which is optional if players want to skip it.

This boss only uses specters throughout the fight, where he only uses two specters at most.

Both of the specters can be dodged just by ducking and then rolling backward.

But note that this boss has a self-healing technique, making the battle much longer than needed.

Hence, it is advised to attack the monster with magic or ranged weapons while it is healing.

Ruiner Bossfight

After Crimson Rector Percival, players will be able to see a bridge across a chasm as soon as they leave the caverns.

The Ruiner will charge at you the moment you set foot on the bridge.

It is hard to pinpoint the interaction with Ruiner, but usually, he appears Halfway through Fitzroy’s Gorge.

Runner uses Rhogar magic to attack, meaning that most of his attacks involve fire.

Ruiner Boss Fight
Ruiner Boss Fight in Lords of Fallen.

He has five known attacks in the game, which function very differently from one another.

  • Furious Charge: It is a body rush attack where he rushes in the direction of your character to ram them.
  • Ruin Totem: He creates totems from his shield and strikes them to create massive explosions.
  • Shield Blow: He raises his shield and slashes it with his sword, causing an explosion.
  • Raging Strike: He allows his axe to start fires and set status effects ablaze.
  • Set Ablaze: He kicks the ground, setting off a series of cascading explosions.

Players must make a good strategy in order to defeat Ruiner because the bridge is too narrow to evade all attacks.

Hence, it is suggested to dodge and reposition continuously and poke him until he is felled.

The Lightreaper Bossfight (2nd Phase)

Fitzroy’s Gorge is one of three instances where players will encounter the Lightreaper boss.

In this 2nd encounter, the Lightreaper appears on his dragon mount, using fire for attacks.

He constantly disappears and spawns in random areas in order to make a surprise attack.

Hence, it is a must for players to be well aware of their surroundings at all times.

Lightreaper Bossfight In Lords Of The Fallen
Lightreaper Bossfight In Lords Of The Fallen.

He also uses two swords for attacking and swings them for a while.

Players are suggested to evade him until he stops swinging so that they can counterattack.

The fire blasts that are targeted towards you can also be dodged by rolling around.

Occasionally, he descends to the ground and starts to charge up his attack.

This is the only moment where players can deal damage to this boss.

Hence it is suggested to damage the Lightreaper when he is charging his attacks.

But do not forget to dodge the attack when he is done charging the attacks. Repeat this process until you are able to defeat this boss.

The Bottom Line

Fitzroy’s Gorge is the next destination after the Hushed Saint Fight, which features multiple bosses.

These bosses spawn at different areas within Fitzroy Gorge with their own unique sets of attacks.

Hence, an educated knowledge about these bosses is required in order to locate and defeat them.

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