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Lords Of The Fallen: What Happens After You Defeat Pieta?

In Lords of the Fallen, Pieta is a fallen angel who has been corrupted by a higher power and sees all beings as enemies.

She is also known as She of Blessed Renewal, and she wields a large sword and can summon spectral figures to aid her in battle. 

After you defeat Pieta in Lords of the Fallen, you will gain access to Skyrest Bridge; and meet several characters. Further, you can upgrade your equipment and reunite with the mysterious stranger.

Continue reading to learn how to defeat Pieta and what happens after you defeat her.

Defeat Pieta In Lords Of The Fallen

Pieta is the second boss; a corrupted knight in Lords of the Fallen.

She serves the fallen god Adyr and guards the entrance to the Skyrest Temple.

To defeat Pieta, you need to learn her patterns, dodge or parry her attacks, and strike when she is vulnerable.

Here are some tips and strategies for the Pieta boss fight:

1. Interact With Spectral Figure

Before entering the arena, you can summon an NPC ally, the Iron Wayfarer.

However, you must have spoken to him before and exhausted his dialogue.

He can distract Pieta and deal some damage to her.

Therefore, to do this, interact with the spectral figure outside the arena.

Peita serves the fallen god Adyr.

2. Dodge Pieta’s Attacks In First Phase

Pieta has two phases. In the first phase, she mainly uses her sword to perform two or four-swing combos: a sweeping attack, a beam attack, and a jump swing.

You can dodge or parry these attacks and counterattack when she pauses; block her attack with your shield.

Additionally, you can use fire items to enhance your weapon damage and dodge it by rolling to the side.

3. Dodge Pieta’s Attacks In Second Phase

In the second phase, Pieta transforms into a four-winged knight and gains new attacks.

She summons spectral figures that fly across the arena, drop holy lances and retreat to the back.

Further, she lunges forward with a cluster of swords in the air, flies around the arena and shoots beams at you.

You need to avoid these attacks by moving to the sides or dodging at the right time.

Further, move to either side of the arena, not just the middle lane.

You can also use this opportunity to heal or buff yourself.

Moreover, you can dodge Pieta’s homing bolts attack by rolling or sprinting away from them. 

shoots lords of the fallen
Pieta lunges forward with a cluster of swords in the air.

4. Stagger Pieta

You can perform a critical hit on her if you manage to stagger Pieta by kicking, parrying, or using a heavy attack.

However, you need to be fast as she recovers quickly from being staggered.

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Story After Defeating Pieta

After defeating Pieta, you will gain access to Skyrest Bridge, the game’s main hub area.

There, you will meet several characters who can offer you various services and quests.

You can upgrade your equipment, socketing Umbral Eyes and cleansing Mournstead of the blight caused by Adyr.

Additionally, you will be reunited with the mysterious stranger who gave you the Umbral Lamp at the start of the game.

defeat pieta
Pieta transforms into a four-winged knight.

Characters At Skyrest Bridge 

The characters you will meet at Skyrest Bridge are:

1. Exacter Dunmire

He is the leader of the Dark Crusaders, dedicated to cleansing Mournstead of the blight caused by Adyr, the god of darkness.

He will give you some information about your mission and sell you some items.

2. Molhu

He is a scholar who studies the Umbral Realm, a parallel dimension where the dead dwell.

Further, he can upgrade your Umbral Lamp, socket Umbral Eyes, and sell you some special equipment and armor.

3. Stomund

He is the captain of the Fidelis, a faction of soldiers who protect Mournstead from invaders.

However, he is not very friendly to you, but he will sell you some items and give you some quests.

Further, he has the Pilgrim’s Perch Key, which unlocks some doors in other areas

4. Eustace And Nathaniel

They are two brothers who are part of the Fidelis; located in the barracks behind Stomund.

Additionally, they will give you some information and quests about Mournstead and its history.

5. Andreas Of Ebb

He is the mysterious stranger who gave you the Umbral Lamp at the start of the game.

Further, he is a scholar who knows a lot about the Umbral Realm and its connection to Adyr.

Contrarily, he will give you some hints about the origin and purpose of the Umbral Lamp and how to use it effectively.

lords of the fallen after pieta
You need to avoid attacks by dodging at the right time.

Quests At Skyrest Bridge

The quests you can get at Skyrest Bridge are:

1. Cleansing Mournstead

It is the main quest given by Exacter Dunmire; you have to find and destroy five crimson beacons.

These beacons are spreading the blight across Mournstead. Each beacon is located in a different area and guarded by a boss.

2. The Putrid Mother’s Embrace

It is a side quest given by Molhu where you have to collect Plucked Eyeballs from enemies in Umbral mode.

Further, exchange them for items at the Shrine of the Putrid Mother in Molhu’s room.

3. The Orian Vow Of Protection

This side quest is given by Eustace and Nathaniel.

You have to collect Pilfered Coins from enemies in Axiom mode.

Further, you need to exchange them for items at the Shrine of Orius in the barracks.

4. The Blighted Legacy

This side quest is given by Stomund where you have to find and cleanse four corrupted Vestiges.

However, these vestiges are hidden in different areas. Each Vestige contains a memory of a fallen hero who fought against Adyr.

The Bottom Line

After defeating Pieta, you can upgrade your healing flask, witness her tragic past, and obtain a powerful relic.

Pieta becomes your ally and vendor after you beat her, offering you a chance to improve your Sanguinatrix and learn more about her history.

The fallen angel Pieta joins your side when you overcome her challenge, giving you access to her services, memories, and a unique item.

Contrarily, Pieta is a test of your combat abilities, your parrying skills and a milestone in your quest to stop Adyr’s resurrection.

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