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Lords Of The Fallen Glitch To Earn Vigor

In Lords of the Fallen, Vigor is a dual-purpose resource, functioning as both experience and currency.

Players can accumulate Vigor by defeating foes, accomplishing quests, and uncovering hidden treasures.

Vigor lets players increase their character level, acquire fresh weapons and armor, and enhance existing equipment. However, some players have reported experiencing a glitch that results in losing or resetting their Vigor to zero.

This article discusses vigor and the vigor glitch in Lords Of The Fallen.

What Is Vigor In Lords Of The Fallen?

Vigor is the main currency in Lords of the Fallen, a challenging action role-playing game.

You need Vigor to improve your character’s attributes, such as health, stamina, energy, strength, agility, and faith.

Also, you can use Vigor to buy items from merchants, such as potions, runes, spells, and armor.

Additionally, you can use Vigor to upgrade your weapons at the blacksmith or pay for other services offered by different NPCs throughout the game.

Vigor is a vital resource in Lords of the Fallen, essential for progressing through the game.

Players should collect as much vigor as possible as they explore the world and fight enemies.

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How To Earn Vigor?

In Lords of the Fallen, Vigor is the primary currency for character development and item purchases.

vigor glitch lords of the fallen
You can purchase various items using Vigor.

Several methods are available to earn Vigor:

1. Defeat Enemies And Bosses

Engaging in combat and defeating adversaries rewards you with Vigor.

vigor glitch lords of the fallen
You can earn Vigor by defeating different creatures.

Further, the more foes you defeat without dying or resting at a checkpoint, the greater your Vigor accumulation.

However, dying or resting causes the loss of accumulated Vigor, which can be retrieved from your corpse or checkpoint.

2. Sell Items To Merchants

Players can sell unwanted items like weapons, armor, potions, runes, and spells to in-game merchants.

Also, players can find these merchants in locations such as the Citadel, the Catacombs, and the Rhogar Realm in exchange for Vigor.

3. Complete Quests

In Lords of the Fallen, completing quests from various NPCs is another way to earn Vigor.

However, while certain quests are essential for advancing the main story, others are optional and easily overlooked.

Also, these opportunities to accumulate Vigor are uncovered by conversing with NPCs, exploring the game’s world, or discovering clues.

Thus, effectively managing your Vigor becomes crucial, as it decides between victory and defeat in this challenging game.

Moreover, knowing when to expend it and when to conserve it plays a significant role in your success within the game.

How To Perform Vigor Glitch In Lords Of The Fallen?

To perform the Vigor Glitch in Lords of the Fallen, you must be in the Umbral Realm.

Players can access it using the Umbral Key dropped by the boss in the Vestage of Blind Agatha.

In the Umbral Realm, go to the Vestage of the Rhogar Merchants, where you’ll encounter a spiky-headed enemy.

Follow these steps in more detail to perform the glitch:

  • Acquire the Umbral Key by defeating the boss in the Vestage of Blind Agatha.
  • Use the Umbral Key to enter the Umbral Realm.
  • Make your way to the Vestage of the Rhogar Merchants.
  • Rest at the checkpoint.
  • Run past the spiky-headed enemy.
  • The enemy will fall off the cliff and perish.
  • You’ll receive 500 Vigor.
  • Repeat steps 4-7 as frequently as desired to farm Vigor. Nevertheless, exercise caution in the Umbral Realm to avoid your character’s death.

The Bottom Line

Players in Lords of the Fallen use Vigor for character progression and item purchases.

However, a glitch can cause players to earn Vigor excessively.

Also, please keep in mind that this glitch may get fixed or addressed by developers in subsequent game updates or versions.

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