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Luminous Void Shader: Destiny 2 Stylish Upgrade

With the release of Season 22, a new shader bundle appeared in the Eververse store known as Luminous Void in Destiny 2.

Step into the world of customization and enhance your Destiny 2 experience like never before.

The Luminous Void Shader in Destiny 2 brings a radiant gold color and captivating space-like effects to your gear’s appearance.

Continue reading if you are interested in Luminous Void Shader Destiny 2, how to equip it, and get it.

What Are Shaders In Destiny 2?

Shaders in Destiny 2 are like fancy paints for your gear and stuff.

Imagine you have cool armor, weapons, and even your spaceship, but they all have their colors that might not match.

Shaders let you change these colors to make everything look cool and stylish, like picking out clothes that go well together.

So, if you’re tired of your armor looking all mismatched or want your gun to have a slick new color, shaders are the way to go.

They used to be one-time, but now you can use them whenever possible.

Moreover, they’re like magical makeovers for your stuff, and in Destiny 2, looking awesome is just as important as shooting aliens!

What Is Luminous Void Shader Destiny 2?

The Luminous Void shader in Destiny 2 is a special coloring style for your gear.

It’s mostly gold but has some neat void-like effects, especially on the secondary parts of your gear.

Moreover, it’s found in the Eververse store and was originally part of a $10 bundle.

Additionally, the bundle includes a special ornament for the Lumon Arc exotic.

luminous shader
Luminous Shader is a special coloring style for your gear.

Using this shader makes your armor, weapons, ghost shells, ships, and sparrows look unique.

It’s interesting to know that 72,427 players have used this shader.

Furthermore, on a global scale, it’s pretty rare, only showing up on about 0.115% of players.

So, it’s not something everyone has, making your gear stand out if you use it.

Note: In the past, shaders that were part of bundles sometimes became available separately for in-game currency Bright Dust in the next season. This happened with shaders like Edge Malign and Dream Cycle.

How Do You Equip Luminous Void Shader Destiny 2?

Equipping the Luminous Void shader is easy!

You can follow these steps:

1. Access Character Menu

Begin by opening the character menu, where you manage your gear and appearance settings.

This is the starting point to infuse your items with the Luminous Void shader’s captivating visuals.

2. Navigate To The Source Menu

Use the directional pad’s downward button to navigate the Source menu within the character menu.

This is where you’ll find options to modify your gear’s appearance, including adding shaders like Luminous Void.

3. Identify Shader Slot

Locate the empty shader slot that eagerly awaits the application of the Luminous Void shader.

The shader’s transformative effects will come to life in this designated space on your gear.

4. Browse Shader Collection

Engage with your shader collection to select the Luminous Void shader.

Likewise, this particular shader boasts radiant gold tones and celestial-like effects that will enhance your gear’s visual appeal, adding a touch of uniqueness.

5. Preview And Apply

To ensure satisfaction, take advantage of the shader preview feature by pressing the designated button.

Once content with the preview, press the apply button to finalize the transformation and witness the shader’s captivating effects embellishing your gear.

luminous void shader on weapon
Luminous Void Shader On Weapon.

Remember, this works for armor, weapons, ships, Sparrows, and more.

Select ornaments at the Appearance Customization menu to put the same shader on all your armor.

That’s it! Your gear will look awesome with the Luminous Void shader.

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How To Get Luminous Void Shader In Destiny 2?

Here’s how you can get the Luminous Void shader in Destiny 2, explained in simple points:

1. Bundle Purchase

You can obtain the Luminous Void shader by buying a specific bundle called the Volatile Throne Bundle from the Eververse store.

Likewise, this bundle usually costs real money, around 1000 silver.

2. Shader Access

Once you’ve acquired the Volatile Throne Bundle, you’ll find the Luminous Void shader.

Similarly, this shader is a particular part of the bundle’s offerings.

3. Cosmetic Enhancements

Using the Luminous Void shader changes your gear’s colors and visual effects, including armor, weapons, ships, Sparrows, and even Ghost Shells.

It gives a unique and eye-catching appearance with gold and space-like effects.

4. Exotic Ornament

Along with the Luminous Void shader, the Volatile Throne Bundle also comes with an exotic ornament called Lumon Arc.

Moreover, this ornament can be applied to a specific exotic item in the game to modify its appearance.

5. Alternative Acquisition

It’s worth considering that Destiny 2 sometimes makes shaders available separately for in-game currency like Bright Dust in the following seasons.

So, you could wait and see if the shader becomes available for Bright Dust later.

luminous void shader
Luminous Void Shader on your gear.

The Bottom Line

The Luminous Void shader could be perfect for a void-themed look.

Ultimately, the decision to acquire the Luminous Void shader through the bundle or await alternative avenues rests in your hands.

As you navigate the ever-evolving world of Destiny 2, the Luminous Void shader offers a pathway to an alluring visual experience.

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