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Precision Instrument Perk In Destiny 2: How To Use it?

Destiny 2 is a multiplayer online video game (MMO) with many seasons, events and challenges.

The recent season, season 22, introduced the precision instrument perk, a trait that increases damage done to enemies.

Precision Instrument is a perk introduced in season 22 of Destiny 2 that helps to increase the damage done to enemies by up to 25% at a maximum of 6 stacks. However, the perk is only helpful for stationary enemies, as moving targets can be hard to deal consistent damage with.

This article talks in great detail about the Precision instrument, its perks and how to use it.

What Is Precision Instrument In Destiny 2?

Precision Instrument is a common enhanced trait introduced in Season 22 of Destiny 2.

The perk is mainly developed to increase the precision of damage to enemies.

In addition, the Precision Instrument perk is activated with consistent damage done to an enemy.

Furthermore, a stack of six buffs does the precision damage.

If you keep hitting the target, the Precision Instrument buff increases by one each time you successfully hit the target.

It can reach a maximum of 6 and restart to a 0 if you miss the hit.

How To Use The Precision Instrument Perk?

The Precision Instrument perk can increase the precision damage by up to 25%.

You must hit a target with the weapon to activate the Precision Instrument perk.

Furthermore, to keep the perk activated, you need to hit the target with another shot within 1 second.

If you successfully hit consistent shots within 1 second, the buff will be stacked up to a maximum of 6 stacks.

Precision Instrument Destiny 2
Precision Instrument perk helps to increase the damage done to targets.

However, if you miss any shot, the buff will removed, requiring you to build the buff again.

Precision shots, along with body shots, will activate and renew the perk.

Yet, the damage increase will only affect the precision damage.

Also, another important thing is that precision perk will not require you to shoot just one target.

Therefore, you can swap between targets, but ensure you hit the target without missing within 1 second.

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What Weapons Can Use The Precision Instrument Perk?

The Precision Instrument perk is best suited for instruments used for sustained damage, such as auto, pulse, and scout rifles.

Additionally, it can be useful for weapons with high-precision damage multipliers, such as hand cannons and sniper rifles.

The following list provides the weapons best used with the Precision Instrument perk.

  • The Guiding Sight (Kinetic Scout Rifle): The Guiding Sight is a scout rifle with an impact of 67 and a range of 65. It is more accurate when moving slowly, stationary and aiming down sights.
  • Point of The Stag (Energy Combat Bow): Point of the Stag is a precision frame compound bow that takes longer draw time for damage. The weapon has an impact of 76 and a reload speed of 40.
  • Pre Astyanax IV (Energy Combat Bow): Season 22 of the game introduces the energy combat bow known as Pre Astyanax IV.
  • Igneous Hammer (Energy Hand Cannon): Igneous Hammer is a solar energy hand cannon in the 120 RPM archetype.
  • Brya’s Love (Energy Scout Rifle): Brya’s Love is a scout rifle with an impact of 62 and a range of 49.
  • Heliocentric QSc (Energy Sidearm): Any legendary engram drop can contain the energy sidearm, the Heliocentric QSc.
  • Lunar Regolith III (Energy Sniper Rifle): Lunar Regolith III is a legendary sniper rifle with a range of 67 and stability of 22.
  • Persuader (Energy Sniper Rifle): Persuader is an energy sniper rifle with an impact of 55 and a ranger of 32.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Precision Instrument

Precision Instrument perk can be highly beneficial to a player.

Here are some of its benefits:

  1. It can increase your precision damage up to 25% on six buffs.
  2. The perk activates automatically if you hit consistent shots on a target without missing.
  3. It is also useful with other damage-increasing perks such as Kill Clip and Rampage.
  4. Also, the damage per stack with this perk is approximately 4.17%.

We already know that beneficial items also come with some drawbacks.

So, here are some drawbacks of Precision Instrument perk:

  1. You must hit consistently to use the perk, so it might be difficult to use with moving targets.
  2. So, the perk can only be useful when you sit back and hit the targets.
  3. When you miss a shot, the whole buff will removed, and you must rebuild it.
  4. It is not as effective for enemies with high resilience.

The Bottom Line

Precision Instrument is a perk you get while using weapons with high sustained damage.

The perk helps to increase the damage done to the targets by up to 25% at a maximum stack of 6.

However, you must ensure you hit a target consistently within 1 second and never miss a shot to keep the perk going.

Keeping all these things in mind, take advantage of this new perk in your next Destiny 2 gameplay.

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