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How To Find Lux Splenda In BG3?

Lux Splenda is one of the potential hints and hidden meanings written in the letter of BG3.

Players will receive the letter in the Undelivered letter event. 

Lux Splenda in BG3 is a Watch Word in the Undelivered Letter. It can be found in the Grymforge location while extracting Sharran Inquisitor Skeleton inside the Double Iron Door. 

Continue Reading to know the hidden meaning of the Lux Splenda in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

What Is Lux Splenda?

Lux Splenda is one of the characters in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Further, she is portrayed as being sad and crying with every lash

Moreover, her name is in one of the letters in the game and is possibly a watch word.

The letter where her name is written is known as the Undelivered Letter.

Due to its ancient nature, the letter is filled with stains and dirt and is found in the Grymforge Location.

What Is Undelivered Letter In BG3?

The Undelivered letter is one of the Lore Items in the game. 

Moreover, the Undelivered letter’s value is 14, whereas the weight is o.5.

These lore items include all the books, journals and letters.

Furthermore, these items trigger future events and guide the players in upcoming Quests. 

In contrast, some of these items even grant players abilities to boot and help them enhance their inventories.

However, to read the letter, players need a skill called Investigation.

The skill makes the players intelligent and represents the player’s ability score and proficiency level.

If players are willing to find the Lux Splenda after extracting the items in the Forge.

Ensure to check all the skeletons and search for a Lore item.

Further, Players can also grab other rewards, including Guns, Melee Weapons and coins from the bones.

Lastly, ensure to put a light spell on the Wooden Chest to unlock the letter. 

How To Find Lux Splenda?

If players are trying to extract the Lux Splenda letter, here’s a step-by-step process to find it;

  1. Find the Area of the Lever and use the Carousel Device in the Grymforge.
Carousel Device BG3
Using the Carousel by controlling the Lever.
  1. After taking a long rest at the campsite, Use the Iron Ladder and search for the Double Iron Doors.
Double Iron Door
Entering the double Iron doors after climbing the Iron ladder.
  1. Head to the Sharran Inquisitor beside the rows of books inside the Iron door.
Entering the Iron Door to find the Sharran Inquisitor Skeleton.
  1. Search the Sharran Inquisitor Skeleton to extract the Undelivered Letter
lux splenda bg3
Extracting the Undelivered Letter from the Skeleton.
  1. Inspect the Undelivered Letter to search for Lux Splenda.
lux splenda bg3
Searching Lux Splenda in the Undelivered letter.

Moreover, after locating the Lux Splenda in the letter, use the Dancing light skill to continue the event further.

Players can use further get exclusive rewards, including the Harper key in the skeleton.

Furthermore, after locating the Skeleton, players can continue the events in the Grymforge and complete multiple quests. 

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The Bottom Line

Lux Splenda is one of the watchwords and potential hints which is discovered in Grymforge.

Furthermore, Lux Spenda is found in one of the Lore items in BG3 called the Undelivered letter.

Moreover, Players must extract the Sharran Inquisitor Skeleton to discover the Lux Splenda. 

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