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Shadowheart Swimming Scene Not Triggering: Causes And Fixes

The Shadowheart swimming scene is a romantic encounter between the player character and Shadowheart in BG3.

To trigger the scene, the player character must talk to Shadowheart at the beach in Druid Grove.

There might be several reasons for the Shadowheart swimming scene not triggering in the game. Players must fulfill all the prerequisites first to initiate the scene, and players can resolve this by reloading an earlier save file or trying NPCs.

This article discusses the Shadowheart swimming scene and the reasons behind this scene not triggering.

What Is Shadowheart Swimming Scene In BG3?

The Shadowheart swimming scene is romantic in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Moreover, the scenario features a kiss and skinny swimming in a lake between the player character and Shadowheart.

As Shadowheart typically behaves cold and stoic, this is one of the rare situations where she exhibits a softer, more sensitive side.

Also, the sequence provides some insight into her past and motives.

This includes her relationship with the goddess Shar and her dislike of swimming.

Further, it is one of the ways to advance the romance with Shadowheart.

This scene can affect the ending and the relationship with her.

Therefore, high approval ratings with Shadowheart are necessary for the scene.

You can do this by making decisions that are consistent with her priorities.

shadowheart swimming scene
Players can romance Shadowheart by swimming with her in a lake.

It is one of the scenarios that might cause the Dark Urge.

Dark Urge is a condition that affects the player character and their friends who have a Mind-Flayer tadpole in their brains.

Therefore, if the player character doesn’t fight or eliminate the Dark Urge, they may kill their partner in a fit of hysteria.

Why Is Shadowheart Swimming Scene Not Triggering?

The Shadowheart swimming scene is memorable and meaningful in BG3.

However, some players have reported that the scene does not trigger for them.

Furthermore, based on the scene’s requirement, it may be caused by a bug or by missing some requirements.

Possible Causes And Fixes

Some of the possible causes and solutions for the Shadowheart swimming scene bug are as follows:

1. Frequent Romance With Other Characters

The player may have romanced several people, and Shadowheart may have broken up with them.

It could be that the player repeatedly hugs, kisses, and professes their love for other characters.

Therefore, Shadowheart could see this as an indication that the player doesn’t want to be in a relationship with her and break it off.

In this situation, the player must either load a previous save or refrain from romancing other characters.

Otherwise, they will need to play with the results of their choices.

2. Not Completing Dark Justiciar Quest 

Another reason might be because the players have not finished Act 2’s Dark Justiciar quest.

Also, they may not have communicated with Nightsong after eliminating Act 2’s last boss.

Learning more about Shadowheart’s relationship with the goddess Shar and her dislike of swimming is a part of the Dark Justiciar quest.

To start the swimming scene, the player must support Shadowheart during this mission and speak with Nightsong afterward.

The player must wait until Act 3 to receive another opportunity, load a previous save, finish the objective or speak with Nightsong.

3. Player’s Progression In Act 3

The player could have advanced too far in Act 3 and lost the chance to start the swimming scene.

The swimming scene can only happen before the player enters Baldur’s Gate, which is the final destination of Act 3.

Players lose the opportunity to start the swimming scene if they enter Baldur’s Gate before speaking with Shadowheart at the camp.

The player must either load a previous save or speak with Shadowheart before entering Baldur’s Gate.

If not, they will have to accept that they missed the scene.

4. Bug In The Game

Another reason is that a bug stops the swimming scene from playing even when the user fulfills all the criteria.

Some gamers claim that Shadowheart doesn’t ask them to go swimming at night or that nothing occurs when they sleep.

A bug in the game’s code or incompatible modifications might be to blame.

The player can attempt a few of these fixes in this situation:

  1. Disable any modifications that conflict with the romance system or the game.
  2. Use Steam or GOG to check the game files’ integrity.
  3. Download the most recent patch for the game; it could cure the problem.
  4. Destroy Shadowheart at the camp, depart and return, use Withers to bring her back to life, depart and return to the camp once again, and start a long rest. This may reset her dialogue and trigger the swimming scene.

The Bottom Line

Shadowheart scene not triggering is the issue where some Baldur’s Gate 3 players can’t romance Shadowheart at the beach due to a bug.

Possible workarounds include reloading, killing, resurrecting her, or waiting for a patch.

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