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Mane Man In Disney Dreamlight Valley: Get Royal Winter

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players need to complete all the Royal Winter Star Path Duties to unlock the rewards.

Royal Winter Star Path allows players to unlock exclusive rewards by completing various tasks.

In Dreamlight Valley, spending some time with Mane Man is a duty that players must perform to collect the 10 Royal Winter tokens.

Continue reading this article to learn about the Mane Man in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Who Is Mane Man In Dreamlight Valley?

The Royal Winter Star Path is a winter-themed event in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

This event allows players to unlock special items like holiday-themed furniture, motifs, and clothing.

However, players can get this item and rewards including a frosty new raccoon companion by purchasing tokens or completing event duties.  

Players talking with Simba
Players talking with Simba to get the tokens.

Moreover, there is a list of duties you need to perform to complete the Royal Winter Star Path, one of which is taking to the Simba.

In Royal Winter Star Path, Mane Man is the Simba with whom players must spend 30 minutes as a companion.

Hence, after completing some royal work, and finishing the 15 Dreamlight Duties or Mist Duties, it’s time to spend some minutes with Mane Man.

However, you will get 10 Royal Winter tokens as your reward after spending time with Mane Man.

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Benefits Of Spending Time With Mane Man

When players make a conversation with Mane Man for some minutes, they get 10 Royal Winter tokens.

Royal Winter tokens are special types of tokens that players can spend with any of the rewards available for the Royal Winter Star Path.

Moreover, players can choose any reward they want in this event with the Winter tokens they earn from this duty.

On the reward page, you can see multiple items including Dagger Motif, Sun Motif, Winter Gala, Moonstones, and Royal Ice Skate Rack.

However, players must complete all the associated duties to earn all the Royal Winter Star Path rewards.

All Royal Winter Star Path Rewards 

Players can perform various duties in the Royal Winter Star Path to earn the Royal Winter Tokens.

Moreover, here is an overview of the rewards accessible to players in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Royal Winter Star Path.

Reward Cost
Motif 10 Royal Winter tokens
100 Moonstones 10 Royal Winter tokens
Winter's Faun Makeup 15 Royal Winter tokens
Cozy Winter Bench30 Royal Winter tokens.
Grey Winter Gala Trouser30 Royal Winter tokens.
Snowy Raccoon Companion50 Royal Winter tokens.
Winter Magic Wallpaper10 Royal Winter tokens.
Giant Silver Ornaments20 Royal Winter tokens.
Winterful Branch Arch35 Royal Winter tokens.

Further, there are additional rewards that players can unlock as they progress through the Star Path.

Spending minutes with Mane man
Spending some minutes with Mane Man is part of the Royal Winter Star Path special event.

However, there are the two Star Paths and the differences between them are mentioned below.

Free Star Path

In Free Star Path, only 3 Duties are available, which is comparatively lower than Premium Star Path.

Moreover, it contains 3 Rewards per page for a total of 18 Rewards.

Premium Star Path

In Premium Star Path, overall 6 Duties are available at a time, and 7 Rewards per page for a total of 42 Rewards.

This Star Path has an exclusive in-game shop called Premium Item Shop.

This Item Shop is an exclusive store where a player can buy a variety of cosmetics by using the Moonstones only.

Hence, players have the option to convert extra Tokens to Moonstones after claiming all Rewards.

The Bottom Line

The Dreamlight duties include the tasks that reward players with Royal Winter tokens after completing them.

Moreover, the Royal Winter Star Path brings appealing duties and rewards to the game Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Further, players must spend some time with Mane Man to get the Royal Winter tokens, one of the duties in this event.

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