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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Acts Of Care Quest Glitch

Many players are unable to finish the game due to the glitch during the Acts of Care quest in the Dreamlight Valley.

The players have formed a complicated bond with their shadowy counterpart, The Forgotten.

Acts of Care quest in the Dreamlight Valley is completed by helping The Forgotten make a bouquet for Mickey and cook Bouillabaisse for Goofy. The glitch at the end of the game is bypassed by revisiting the Dark castle or simply re-checking regularly for The Forgotten at the Valley.

Continue reading to find out how to complete the Acts of Care quest in the Dreamlight Valley and bypass the glitch.

Causes Of Act Of Care Quest Glitch

Some players have reported a glitch that prevents them from completing the quest

Here are some possible causes and solutions for this glitch:

  • The glitch may occur if the player has already harvested or caught the ingredients needed for the meal before starting the quest. 
  • The glitch may also occur if the player tries to use clams, scallops, or oysters as seafood for the meal.
  • Another possible cause of the glitch is if the player leaves the valley or switches to another character while doing the quest. 

The player may have to contact the game’s support team and report the glitch. They may able to fix it or offers alternatives for the inconvenience.

How To Unlock Acts Of Care Quest?

During the Magic in Everything Quest, The Forgotten believes that there is still beauty in Dreamlight Valley and decides to settle in.

However, due to spending so much time alone, The Forgotten faces difficulty interacting with people in the Valley.

Unlock acts of care quest
The player can unlock The Acts of Care quest precisely one week after completing the quest.

Right after you navigate your newfound connection with The Forgotten, you’ll ultimately come across a quest named Acts of Care.

Moreover, the Acts of Care quest is unlocked precisely one week after completing The Magic in Everything quest.

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Complete Acts Of Care Quest In Dreamlight Valley

After a week, visit The Forgotten in the Dark Castle and accept the quest to help them.

Moreover, The Forgotten will ask for help to amend their relationship with some of the Valley’s residents.

Your task is to help The Forgotten feel at home in the Valley by delivering the presents to their friends.

1. Make A Bouquet For Mickey

First, enter the Dark Castle and look for The Forgotten on the first floor near the entrance.

However, if you cannot locate it, search at the castle’s highest point.

After you meet them, they’ll feel guilty about not helping their friends during The Forgotten Memories quest.

Flowers for Mickey
You need to pick the flowers to help The Forgotten make a bouquet for Mickey Mouse.

Indeed, they’ll request you to help them make up for their mistakes by making a bouquet for Mickey.

Flowers To Pick For The Bouquet

You must pick the following flowers to help The Forgotten make a bouquet for Mickey Mouse.

FlowersWhere to find
Three White & Pink Falling PenstemonThis flower can be obtained from the Plaza.
Two Black Passion LilyYou can find this flower in the Frosted Heights biome.
Two Red DaisyThis flower grows in the Peaceful Meadow.

After you have collected the required flowers, give them to The Forgotten and ask them to give the bouquet to Mickey.

The Forgotten will be surprised when you bring the flowers but get nervous about giving them to Mickey. 

However, it would help if you encouraged them to give the flowers to Mickey without giving it a second thought.

Meanwhile, watch the dialogue between The Forgotten and Mickey, where Mickey genuinely appreciates the flowers.

2. Cook A Meal For Goofy

Next, The Forgotten joyfully reciprocates the sentiment about the exchange after Micky expresses gratitude for the flowers.

Hence, The Forgotten desires to do something nice for all the residents in the village, but the player advises sticking with the original plan.

Catch sea food
Catch them on white or blue ripple spots on Dazzle Beach.

In addition, the original plan is to arrange something nice for Goofy to make him happy.

Therefore, The Forgotten desires to prepare Bouillabaisse for Goofy, so you must collect the necessary ingredients to make this dish.

Ingredients Needed For The Bouillabaisse 

The Forgotten is determined to use only the fresh ingredients for this meal and will insist you gather newly harvested ingredients.

Likewise, the player must harvest the ingredients and freshly hunt the required components to meet the objectives.

However, the players cannot use any materials from their inventory; therefore, they must obtain the following ingredients.

IngredientsWhere to Find
Harvest one TomatoBuy them at Goofy’s Stall on Dazzle Beach and harvest them but a tomato harvested from WALL-E's Garden will not count.
Catch one ShrimpCatch them on white or blue ripple spots on Dazzle Beach.
Harvest one of any other VegetableHarvest any other vegetables of your choice.
Catch two of any other SeafoodCatch any two seafood like shrimp, squid, or lobster but clams, scallops, or oysters foraged on Dazzle Beach will not count.

Once you’ve gathered all the ingredients, head to the cooking station in the Valley, such as the one inside Chez Remy.

Next, combine all the ingredients to make Bouillabaisse, then bring the dish to Goofy.

Goofy happy with The Forgotten
Upon receiving the Bouillabaisse, Goofy expresses his gratitude by inviting you and The Forgotten to dine with him.

Upon receiving the Bouillabaisse, Goofy expresses his gratitude by inviting you and The Forgotten to dine with him.

Hence, The Forgotten are very happy for performing good deeds and will want to reward you.

Thus, this quest will end with the Forgotten rewarding you with 2000 Star Coins for your help.

Fix Acts Of Care Glitch In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Finally, after you complete your role in this quest, many players have faced the issue of not finding The Forgotten.

Thus, this glitch with the Acts of Care quest does not allow players to collect rewards to finish it.

Furthermore, the Dreamlight Valley Trello board hasn’t recognized the glitch yet, so there is no easy fix mentioned for it currently.

Finding The Forgotten
Keep checking back regularly, as The Forgotten might randomly wander back to the Valley.

However, you can move past this glitch and conclude this quest by following the tips below:

  • Head to the Dark Castle and re-check the entrance or the castle’s highest point to find The Forgotten.
  • Keep checking back regularly, as The Forgotten might randomly wander back to the Valley.

The Bottom Line

Acts of Care quest is about helping The Forgotten make amendments by presenting gifts as a gesture of new bond to their friends.

Likewise, this caring act will establish a solid and joyful bond between The Forgotten and the villagers. 

Undoubtedly, the player’s help crafting gifts for The Forgotten will strengthen their connections with residents.

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