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Your Eternal Reward In Dreamlight Valley: Quest Guide

Your Eternal Reward is among the numerous quests in the Dreamlight Valley.

Unfortunatley, many players are unable to progress through this quest due to a few missing events.

Players should extract the Biomes, interact with the radiators to complete the Eternal Reward quest and find two Jewels of Time. Players should initially complete The Wanderer Of The Dunes and the Rapunzel’s Tangle Quest.

Continue reading to explore Your Eternal Reward and the process of completing it in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Dreamlight Valley: Your Eternal Reward

Dreamlight Valley is back with its new DLC, A Rift in Time, which has some exciting characters and quests.

Among them, one of the quests is Your Eternal Rewards, provided by Melin where players must collect scarabs.

Unfortunatley, players are just extracting Ancient Radiators and Biomes but not the jewels.

Players will need two Jewels of Time to complete the Your Eternal Reward.

Moreover, Your Eternal Reward involves the player’s favorite characters, Rapunzel and Notorious Gaston. 

The characters provide players with Scarabs in this quest, which seems a bit unlikely due to Gaston taking longer to spawn.

Even after players wait more extended periods, Gaston does not provide the jewels.

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How To Complete Your Eternal Reward In Dreamlight Valley

To progress through Your Eternal Rewards, players must complete a series of events given below;

1. The Wanderer Of The Dunes

Helping Gaston in the Dunes is the first step to progressing Your Eternal Reward and receiving Scarabs.

In the Glittering Dunes, players must find Gaston at the given location in A Rift Of Time.

The Wanderer Of The Dunes glittering
Players should find Gaston by following the red icon.

After approaching The Wanderer of the Dune, the characters feel dehydrated and ask players for a favor.

Players must collect three Green Spiky-Leafed Plants, a Flexing Spider-like Thing, and four Sweet Brown Raisin Things.

The items are Agove, Scorpion, and Dates, respectively, found while harvesting, searching the pool, and extracting the palm trees.

scorpion dreamlight valley
Use the fish tool to catch the Scorpion.

After providing all items to Gaston, players should follow the character to the encampment.

In the part of the quest, players should gather the three clues for the Vault keys.

To progress, players must watch the glowing objects near the trees and a chest near Gaston.

Further, players should give three items: Paint Palette, Homemade Clue, and Coconut Husks.

The Wanderer Of The Dunes
Provide the items to Gaston.

Giving the items to the Wanderer will unlock the getaway to the Wastes; however, players must search for the mist with an hourglass.

Otherwise, players can access the Dreamlight menu and search for the Mist Duties using 4000 credits.

Moreover, Players will find the clue, LeFou, in the pool but should try multiple times in Wastes.

Your Eternal Reward dreamlight valley lefou
Search the LeFou in the pool.

Further, players should search the Desert Scarab Piece using the Hourglass to unlock a clue.

The clue is speaking with Jafar at the Hologram Station near the Well.

jafar hologram station
Reach the Hologram Station and interact with Jafar. 

Jafar will suggest players check on Gaston and LeFou, the last part of the quest, and get a getaway with Your Eternal Reward.

2. Rapunel In The Tangel

Rapunzel is a newly introduced Disney Character in the Dreamlight Valley who has multiple quests to offer.

Players should progress the Rapunzel in the Tangel to complete the Your Eternal Reward.

Rapunzel and Gaston provide the jewels/ the second Jewel of Time in the respective missions.

The Bottom Line

Completing the Your Eternal Reward quest is almost impossible without finding the two jewels from Rapunzel and Gaston.

Players will always be one short of the Scarabs, as Gaston will refuse to re-center.

Hence, players should initially complete the Wanderer of the Dunes to complete the quest faster.

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