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Go Inside The Wedding Hall In Mario RPG And Get The Crown

Welcome to Marrymore, the most romantic place in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Here, you can celebrate your love with a beautiful ceremony, a delicious cake, and a memorable reception.

But be careful, because some unexpected guests might try to ruin your special day. Are you ready to say “I do” at Marrymore?

To get inside the wedding hall in Super Mario RPG, grab the frog coin and talk to the church manager. Further, find the key and use it to open the wedding hall.

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The Mario RPG Wedding Hall

The wedding hall is a location in the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

Further, Mario and his allies try to stop Booster from marrying Princess Toadstool.

It is part of the Marrymore resort, which is known for its weddings and over-expensive hotel.

The wedding hall is a part of Marrymore.

At the wedding hall, Mario must find all of Toadstool’s missing accessories and talk to Booster before the candles on the cake are lit.

Depending on how fast Mario completes the minigame, he may get a kiss from Toadstool, Booster, or Bowser.

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How To Get Into The Wedding Hall?

To get inside the wedding hall in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, you need to follow these steps:

1. Grab The Frog Coin

When you arrive in Marrymore, head up-left to the inn. Go to the second floor, and go inside the room to the right.

Then, grab the frog coin from the hidden chest on top of the shelves directly above the door.

the frog coin
Grab the frog coin

Go outside and head up-left to the church. Speak to anyone to trigger the cutscene.

2. Talk To The Church Manager

After the cutscene, go inside the church and talk to the manager.

He will tell you that Booster has locked himself in the back with the bride-to-be.

Go to the back of the church and try to open the door.

It will be locked, but you will hear a voice telling you to look for the key in the suite at the inn.

3. Talk To The Receptionist

Go back to the inn and talk to the receptionist.

He will offer you to stay in the suite for 200 coins. Accept his offer and go to the suite on the second floor.

In the suite, go to the bathroom and take a shower. This will reveal a hidden passage behind the bathtub.

Further, go through the passage and you will find the key to the wedding hall on a table. Grab it and go back to the church.

4. Open The Door

Use the key to open the door to the wedding hall.

You will see Booster, Toadstool, and three Snifits inside. Finally, the wedding hall minigame will start.

However, you have to find all of Toadstool’s missing accessories and talk to Booster before the candles on the cake are lit.

wedding hall door
Open the door to the wedding hall.

Get The Crown Inside The Wedding Hall

To find the crown inside the wedding hall, you need to do the following:

  1. After you find the first three accessories from the Snifits, you will see Booster running around the room with the crown on his head.
  2. You need to chase him and catch him by running into him.
  3. Then, he will stop occasionally and look around, which is your chance to get close to him.
  4. Once you catch him, he will drop the crown and you can pick it up. You will also get a flower tab as a bonus.

After you get the crown, talk to Booster and he will ask you to kiss the bride.

However, depending on how fast you complete the minigame, you may get a kiss from Toadstool, Booster, or Bowser.

the crown is on boosters head
The crown is on the booster’s head.

The Bottom Line

Marrymore is more than just a wedding hall. It’s a place where love blossoms, where memories are made, and where adventure awaits.

Join Mario and his friends as they crash the wedding of Booster and Princess Toadstool, battle a living cake, and enjoy the luxury suite.

Contrarily, don’t miss this exciting chapter of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

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