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Best Yoshi Race Timing In Super Mario RPG Remake

Many players search for the best Yoshi race timing in the Super Mario RPG remake.

Knowing the race timing is a great way to approach and win the game against the creature.

The best Yoshi race timing approach in Super Mario RPG is by alternatively entering the A and B buttons in accordance with the music beat. 

Continue reading to explore the Yoshi race and the best timing in Super Mario Remake.

What Is Yoshi Race?

The Yoshi race is a time race against three other Yoshi(fictional dragons).

Moreover, the race is challenging thanks to its high-risk and high-reward approach.

Players will get rewards, including the cookies, depending upon the betting odds.

For Instance, players will get nine cookies in return for three cookies if the odd is 3:1.

Yoshi race mario rpg
Obtain the Yoshi cookies after winning the race.

If the betting opposition is strong, players will receive higher odds and vice versa.

How To Play Yoshi Race?

To start the mini-race against the mighty Yoshi, players should follow the given procedure,

1. Visit Yoster Island

To race against three Yoshi’s in Super Mario RPG, players must visit the Yo’ster Isle.

However, the Yoster Isanld race is not relative to the main story; involving it is unnecessary.

Nonetheless, players should initially beat the boss, Bowyer, to reach there and receive the second star.

bowyer second star mario rpg remake
Defeat Bowyer to receive the second star.

On the way from Rose Town to Moleville, players must find and enter the Pipe Vault to continue their journey to Yo’ster Isle.

In the vault, players should progress through the lava zone and defeat the enemies until they reach the final pipe.

Coming out of the vault, players will find a secret chest and a getaway to Y’oster Isle, just the left side of the starbox.

2. Approach The Green Yoshi

Players will find multiple colored Yoshi on the Island; unfortunately, they cannot interact initially.

Hence, players must find Green Yoshi, usually seen just on the edge of the race track and hop on.

On the Island, players will find a dominating Yellow Yoshi: Boshi so that players can challenge him for the race.

If players are short of the cookies, they can grab a few from one of the Red Yoshi to break the dominance of Yoshi.

To begin the Yoster Island Race(Mushroom Derby), players can simply get an instruction or start without it.

Perfect Yoshi Race Timing: Super Mario RPG

Knowing the best Yoshi race timing is simple yet effective for getting loads of Yoshi cookies in the race.

Players who read the instructions will get adequate instruction to conquer the Yoshis in the Super Mario RPG remake.

Read the instructions for the Mushroom Derby.

While in the race, players must alternately enter the A and B keys to the music rhythm.

As the music is relatively rapid and tight, alternatingly pressing the Key will guide players to win the race.

Thankfully, the Yoshi race timing won’t change on betting odds or after progressing through.

For the ease of the race, players will also receive an indication of when to use the Key on the bottom of the screen.

If players cannot use the button best, they can consume the cookies for an added advantage.

Unfortunately, at the beginning of the race, players won’t have enough cookies; hence, applying the Key with the rhythm is the best way.

The Bottom Line

Dominating the Mushroom Derby in the RPG remake is the best way to earn tons of cons, depending on the betting odds.

If players can make the best use of timing by following the pattern with the rhythm, they can win every Yoshi race to get the Cookies.

The cookies can come in handy for using Yoshi in battles or receiving an exclusive item like a Frog coin by feeding the baby Yoshi.

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