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Red Shield: Safeguarding Your Monopoly Go Empire

Red Shield is the defensive item that acts as a powerful barrier against shutdown attacks in Monopoly Go.

Moreover, it prevents opponents from stealing your hard-earned income.

In Monopoly Go, players can use red shields for automatic defense, shield consumption, shield strategies, and viewing and managing shields.

Continue reading to learn more about Red Shields and how to use it in Monopoly Go.

Red Shield In Monopoly Go 

The Red Shields are just like regular shields which automatically block shutdown attacks and protect your landmarks.

You can grab a Red Shield by landing on certain property tiles, specifically the ones with a Shield icon.

But every time the Red Shield jumps into action and blocks an attack, it uses up one of its powers.

However, unlike the standard shield, it boasts a cool red design, adding a touch of personality to your game.

You can transform the extras into Dice rolls if you collect many Red Shields and hit the maximum limit.

Therefore, it’s like a bonus roll, giving you an extra chance to make strategic moves and dominate the game.

Moreover, there is a whole collection of different Red Shield designs called “shield skins.

Further, these are like stylish outfits for your shields.

guards your landmarks
The Red Shield is a special shield that automatically guards your landmarks.

You can also get them by reaching Level 35, completing specific objectives, or joining special events.

Likewise, focus on activities that reward shields, such as completing daily challenges and participating in events.

While shields are crucial for defense, don’t forget the offensive power of shutdown attacks.

Therefore, use them strategically to weaken your opponents while protecting your assets.

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How To Use Red Shield In Monopoly Go?

By following these points, you will know how to use Red Shields in Monopoly Go:

1. Automatic Defense

You don’t need to deploy red shields actively.

They automatically block shutdown attacks whenever an opponent tries to target your landmarks.

This means you can rest assured knowing your precious investments are safeguarded.

2. Shield Consumption

Remember, each time a red shield blocks an attack, it’s consumed.

So, it’s crucial to maintain a healthy shield count.

Don’t worry, though, as there are numerous ways to replenish your supply:

  • Landing on specific tiles: Keep an eye out for tiles with the shield icon as landing on these spaces grants you a fresh shield.
  • Participating in events: Many special events reward red shields for participation and achieving objectives.
  • Completing challenges: Daily challenges and Win’s section objectives often offer shields as a reward.
  • Ranking high in tournaments: Prove your skills and secure a top spot in tournaments to earn unique red shield skins.
  • Reaching new networth levels: As you accumulate wealth, you may unlock new red shields as a reward.

3. Viewing and Managing Shields

Likewise, you can access your Shield Showroom by:

  • Tapping the shield icon in the top-right corner.
  • Tapping the 3D shield on the game board.
  • Selecting the three-line menu and navigating to the Showroom.
manage your shield collection
You can manage your shield collection in the shield showroom.

And, here you can:

  • View all your red shields, including their unique designs.
  • Manage your shield collection and see how many shields you currently possess.
  • Check your maximum shield capacity based on your level.

The Bottom Line

Hence, the Red Shield is a special shield that automatically guards your landmarks from shutdown attacks.

By utilizing these powerful shields, you can effectively protect your landmarks, secure your wealth, and also ultimately conquer the board.

Therefore, once you’ve acquired some red shields, showcase them with pride in your Shield Showroom.

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