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Masako Or Ularu: Shape Your Destiny Alongside In Starfield

In Starfield, you’ll encounter two influential characters: Masako and Ularu.

These individuals hold pivotal roles in the game’s narrative, offering distinct paths for players to explore.

Masako, as the CEO of Ryujin Industries, champions diplomacy, ethical choices, and subtle decision-making. Aligning with her can lead to positive connections and exclusive opportunities. Meanwhile, Ularu’s story is entangled in corporate intrigue, emphasizing combat-oriented gameplay, higher credit rewards, and morally complex decisions.

Continue reading to learn how to forge your destiny alongside Masako or Ularu in Starfield.

Who Is Masako In Starfield?

In Starfield, Masako is a character who holds a high position at a company called Ryujin Industries.

She’s in a high position of authority there, known as the CEO.

She has her own office in the Ryujin Building, specifically on the Executive floor in Neon City.

This office becomes accessible to you after you’ve completed some quests for Ryujin Industries.

You can interact with her; she’ll give you tasks or quests to complete.

If you help her, you might get promoted and even get your office in the big Ryujin building.

Your choices in the game can also impact your relationship with Masako.

So, she’s not just a random character you meet; she’s someone who can influence your journey in Starfield.

masako in starfield
Masako in Starfield.

Masako’s outfit

  1. Unique design and colors, also customizable
  2. Boosts intimidation by 5%
  3. Valued at 525 units in the game
  4. Masako’s Signature
  5. Mass of 1.10
  6. CEO’s Attire
  7. Special Flaps
  8. Enhances your intimidation skills when worn

Who Is Ulara In Starfield?

In Starfield, Ularu is a character who plays a significant role in the game’s storyline.

She is a part of the Ryujin Industries quest line and is involved in important decision-making moments in the game.

Ularu’s character is complex, and your interactions with her can lead to different outcomes.

She is linked to a security breach involving Project Dominion and Infinity LTD, which is a central plot point in the game.

This makes her a suspect of being a mole who leaked information about Project Dominion to Infinity LTD.

If you manage to kill Ularu, you can even gain her suit.

Your choices in the game can affect your relationship with Ularu and the story’s overall direction.

ularu in starfield
Ularu in Starfield.

Masako Or Ularu In Starfield: Whom To Choose?

Here are few pros and cons of siding with Masako or Ularu in Starfield.

Pros Of Siding With Masako

  1. Masako’s path prioritizes diplomacy and subtlety in complex missions.
  2. Siding with Masako can result in morally sound choices, appealing to players who prioritize ethical gameplay and wish to stay true to their values.
  3. Choosing Masako as an ally can foster positive connections with in-game characters or factions, potentially unlocking alliances, support, or extra resources.
  4. Choosing Masako’s path can provide exclusive missions and rewards, enriching gameplay.
  5. Aligning with Masako can lead to a higher rank in Ryujin Industries and increased influence.

Cons Of Siding With Masako

  1. Siding with Masako may yield lower credit rewards, potentially slowing down the player’s accumulation of in-game currency.
  2. Masako’s strategy prioritizes avoiding direct combat, which might not suit players who prefer action-packed gameplay or a more aggressive playstyle.
  3. Masako’s path involves complex decision-making, challenging players to consider consequences carefully.
  4. Despite appearing as a trustworthy ally, Masako’s true intentions may raise questions, and players should remain cautious about potential betrayals or hidden agendas.
  5. Aggressive players may find Masako’s approach less satisfying, as it prioritizes diplomacy and subtlety.
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Pros Of Siding With Ularu

  1. Supporting Ularu typically leads to higher credit rewards for your loyalty.
  2. If you prefer a more aggressive approach to missions, Ularu’s path is combat-oriented, appealing to players who enjoy direct action in missions.
  3. Aligning with Ularu may offer unique opportunities or missions that differ from the more diplomatic or covert options available.
  4. Ularu’s path may grant you access to certain abilities, technologies, or resources that can provide advantages, potentially increasing your power and influence.
  5. If you share Ularu’s goals or perspectives in the game’s narrative, her path may be more appealing, as it aligns with her vision for Ryujin Industries and its future.

Cons Of Siding With Ularu

  1. Ularu’s approach may involve morally questionable decisions, such as manipulating or betraying others, posing ethical dilemmas for players.
  2. Opting for Ularu’s path can strain relationships with other in-game characters or factions, potentially hindering opportunities for alliances or cooperation.
  3. The aggressive approach may lead to greater risks and potential consequences, including conflicts with rival factions or unforeseen challenges.
  4. Siding with Ularu may limit your ability to engage in diplomacy or negotiate peaceful resolutions to conflicts, potentially leading to more confrontations.
  5. Players may question Ularu’s trustworthiness due to her loyalty and ambitions, necessitating vigilance.

The Bottom Line

When choosing between Masako and Ularu, consider your playstyle and priorities.

Masako offers diplomatic and ethical gameplay, fostering positive relationships and unique missions, but with potentially lower credit rewards.

Ularu provides a combat-oriented approach with higher credit rewards, unique opportunities, and alignment with her vision for Ryujin Industries.

Consider moral dilemmas, strained relationships, and potential confrontations when siding with Ularu.

Your decision should align with your preferred style of play and the experiences you seek within the game.

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