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Holiday Coat Blox Fruits: How To Get?

Blox Fruits is a popular Roblox game that allows players to explore a vast world, fight enemies, and collect fruits that grant special powers.

Similarly, one of the features of the game is the accessories system, which lets players equip items that enhance their stats and abilities.

One of the most sought-after items in the game is the Holiday Coat, a mythical accessory that boosts the player’s damage and dodging ability. Furthermore, players can get a Holiday Coat during the Christmas Event on the new Christmas Island.
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What Is The Holiday Coat In Blox Fruits?

The Holiday Coat is a thick coat that has a holiday spirit, as the item description says.

It is a mythical accessory, meaning it is very hard to find and has powerful effects.

Further, it was added to the game in the Christmas Event and other seasonal features.

The Holiday Coat is not just a cosmetic item, but also a useful one.

Holiday Coat
Holiday Coat in Blox Fruits.

It grants the player 10% more damage on both melee and Blox Fruit attacks, as well as one extra Instinct dodge.

Instinct is a stat that determines how often the player can dodge incoming attacks automatically.

Having more Instinct can help the player survive longer and avoid damage.

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How To Get The Holiday Coat In Blox Fruits?

The Holiday Coat can only be obtained during the Christmas Event in Blox Fruits, which lasts for a limited time.

To obtain it, players must visit Christmas Island, located in the First, Second, and Third Seas.

Further, the island is decorated with snow, trees, lights, and presents.

Christmas Island
Go to the new Christmas Island.

The player needs to wait for a timer to run out, which indicates that a present has spawned on the island.

The player needs to quickly open the present with high health points before other players can.

Open the present quickly.

Players who open the present will receive a random reward. The possible rewards include a Holiday Coat, Confetti, or money.

The chance of getting the Holiday Coat from a present is very low, so the player may need to open many presents.

Get Holiday Coat
Get a Holiday Coat from the present.

There is no other way to get the Holiday Coat in the game, so the player needs to act fast before the event ends.

Stats Of The Holiday Coat In Blox Fruits

The Holiday Coat has the following stats in the game:

  • Type: Accessory
  • Rarity: Mythical
  • Effects: +10% Melee / Blox Fruit Damage, +1 Instinct Dodge
  • Source: Presents

The Holiday Coat is a good alternative for the Pale Scarf, another mythical accessory that gives the same damage with no Instinct dodge.

Similarly, it is also useful for both melee and fruit users, as it enhances both types of attacks.

However, it does not provide any health, defense, or speed buffs, so the player must balance their stats with other items.

The Holiday Coat is also not useful for sword or gun users, as it does not affect their damage.

The Bottom Line

Holiday Coat is a rare and powerful item in Blox Fruits that helps the player deal more damage and dodge attacks.

It is also a festive and fun item that adds some holiday spirit to the game.

However, it is only available during the Christmas Event, and the chance of getting it from a present is very low.

Therefore, the player needs to be persistent and lucky to get this coveted item.

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