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Lords Of The Fallen Ammunition Pouch: Where Can You Find It?

In Lords of the Fallen, the Ammunition Pouch is an item that is used to restore the ammo gauge.

It can significantly help in battles by refilling the ammo regardless of players’ weapons.

In Lords of the Fallen, finding an Ammunition Pouch is not complicated; they are scattered around different locations, including Abandoned Redscope, Skyrest Bridge, Pilgrim’s Perch, Forsaken Fen, Revelation Depths, and Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters. Therefore, players can find plenty of them while exploring.

This article will explain in detail the Ammunition Pouch in Lords of the Fallen, how it works and why it is essential.

What Is Ammunition Pouch In Lord Of The Fallen?

In Lord of the Fallen, players find various consumables as they explore the world.

Furthermore, knowing what they are and how to use them is essential.

Consumables are mostly granted various effects upon us, such as therapeutic properties, recovering HP, Applying buffs and removing Status effects.

Ammunition Pouch is one of the consumables in Lord Of The Fallen.

Ammunition Pouch
It is a pouch that provides a small amount of Ammunition.

When used, players are granted a small amount of Ammunition refill.

In addition, the use cost of this item is one and does not weigh anything.

Therefore, players can carry as much as they can.

They can purchase this consumable at Stomund, Capital of the Fidelis in Skyrest.

Nevertheless, players can find this item scattered around in different locations.

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Where Can You Find Ammunition Pouch In Lord Of The Fallen?

Ammunition Pouch is not rare so players can obtain it from various places.

Here are some locations where they can be found:

1. Blackfeather Ranger Equipment

Blackfeather Ranger is the starting class in Lord of the Fallen.

Players will granted 2x Ammunition Pouch if they start Blackfeather Ranger as a starting class.

Along with Lampbearer’s Rosary, Oak Arrows, Sanguinarix, and Umbral Lamp.

2. Purchase From Skyrest

If you have no time to grind for Ammunition Pouch, you can visit the Skyrest.

You can visit Blacksmith Gerlinde there, who will sell you this item for 500 Vigor.

Gerlinde weaponsmith at skyrest
Gerlinde, a weaponsmith at Skyrest, sells the Ammunition Pouch for 500 vigor.

3. Abandoned Redscope

Once you reach the Abandoned Redscope, go near the broken gate, which the Corrupted Penitent will guard.

Defeat the guards and break the object. There, you will find 2 Ammunition Pouches.

4. Skyrest Bridge

From the abandoned Redscope, go up, and as you enter Skyrest Bridge, you will find another 2, along with two small Manastone Clusters.

To get those 2 Ammonium Pouch, climb the wooden ladder on the dead avowed.

5. Pilgrim’s Perch

Pilgrim’s Perch is the location where several Pilgrims reside.

Once you go through the bridge that unlocks a shortcut, return and head to defeat three pilgrims at the end.

After defeating them, you’ll find 2 Ammunition Pouches in front of Damarose the Marked.

Damarose, a merchant or a possible boss in Lords of the Fallen.

This is also the location where you can purchase Ammunition Pouch from Stomund.

6.Forsaken Fen

In Forsaken Fen,you can find total of 4 Ammunition Pouches.

For the first location, navigate to Vestige of Valade and head to the left; you can find 2 Ammunition Pouches.

To get another two, head to the sloping tree branch, open the shortcut, defeat the Shuja Warrior, and retrieve the two items along the wall at the top.

7. Revelation Depths

In Revelation Depths, you must defeat some umbrals in the nearest cave and traverse to the cave’s lower area.

Then, before you go down a ladder, there will be a chest, open it, and you will receive two Ammunition Pouches.

8. Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters

This location also has an Ammunition Pouch in two separate locations.

The first two you will find once you go through the shortcut gate for Vestige of Rosamund and reach the second landing.

There, you will find a wooden chest comprising two Ammunition pouches. To get to another location, climb up to the hall.

From there, go to the courtyard with a large tree, clear the enemy, and reach the terrace behind the stairs.

You will find a chest with two Ammunition pouches and an Enhanced Grenade.

The Bottom Line

In Lord of the Fallen, the Ammunition Pouch is one of the essential consumable items.

This item provides a small amount of Ammunition once you consume it.

Moreover, obtaining this item does not take time since it can be easily found scattered around the map.

Although this item restores a small amount of ammo, having it can significantly increase your survivability during the early game.

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