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How To Find Melting Furnace In BG3?

The Melting Furnace is one of the precious devices in BG3. 

Moreover, the Furnace can create the Weapon of the Player’s choice.

Melting Furnace in BG3 is a device to modify ordinary weapons into Masterpiece weapons in Finish the Masterpiece Weapon Quest. The Furnace can be found inside the Wooden Doors in the Blighted Village after extracting Journal and completing the Sussur Bark objective.

Make sure to explore ahead to know the heating mechanism and the location of the Melting Furnace. 

What Is The Melting Furnace?

Melting Furnace is one of the prestigious tools in BG3 to make Weapons of the Player’s preference. 

Further, the Melting Furnace event mission occurs in the Finish the Masterpiece Weapon Quest. 

Moreover, players can extract the Furnace in the Blighted Village location in this Quest.

If players go through the village and search the Basement of the Blacksmith’s House, they can find the Furnace. 

How To Start Melting Furnace Event?

However, to start the Quest, Players must extract and read the Highcliff’s Journal

In contrast, the Journal will guide players to build the ideal weapons players prefer.

Unfortunately, finding Highcliff’s book isn’t as easy as it seems.

Players must visit the next room and dismantle the Web covering the ground.

Then, Players will find the Sleight of the Hand Check after unlocking a Wooden Box.

Lastly, Players must complete another objective called Locting the Sussur Bark to start the Melting Furnace event further.

How To Find The Melting Furnace?

If Players are trying to extract and use the Melting Furnace, please follow the steps below;

  1. Head down to the Destroyed Floor and Disarm the Wooden Chest in the Basement of the Blacksmith’s House. 
Wooden Chest
Unlocking the Wooden Chest in the Basement.
  1. Use the chest to find the Handcliff Journal and visit the Sussur Bark to commence battle.
Sussur Bark Tree
Obtaining the Sussur Bark Tree after the battle. 
  1. Enter inside the Shabby Wooden Door in the Blighted Village.
Blighted Village
Entering the Wooden door in the Blighted Village.
  1. Head towards the burning Melting Furnace in the Big hall. 
melting furnace bg3
Heading inside the hall to extract the Melting Furnace.

How to Use the Melting Furnace?

If Players have extracted the Melting Furnace in the Blighted Village, they can use I to get their ideal items. 

Players must combine the Blacksmith’s Bellows with the Furnace to build a potent weapon.

However, players must combine the raw materials, including the bark, to obtain the Greatsword, Sickle or Dagger.

melting furnace bg3
Combining items to get the  Sussur Greatsword in the Furnace.

Further, after obtaining the Sussur Greatsword, Finish the Masterpiece Weapon Quest will be completed.

Hence, Players can use the Prestigious weapons to defeat Potent enemies in future events. 

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The Bottom Line

Melting Furnace in BG3 is an extraordinary device to convert any ordinary weapon to a powerful one.

Moreover, Players can find the device in the basement of the Wooden Doors in the Blighted Village.

However, players must complete two events, including  Sussur Bark and Highcliff’s Journal, to reach the point.

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