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FFXIV Unable To Complete Version Check 2024 Error

Final Fantasy XIV, a multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Square Enix, is currently facing some issues.

Some players on community forums claim they are facing the issue while launching the game.

Ffxiv “Unable to complete version check 2024” launcher error can be caused by various factors like network or server issues. This issue can be solved by verifying the integrity of the game cache, disabling the firewall, or changing the boot file.
Continue reading this article to learn about the Ffxiv Unable To Complete Version Check 2024 issue.

Unable To Complete Version Check 30605: FFXIV Launcher Error

Upon opening the Final Fantasy XIV game, players will see it is currently disabled for them.

Players encounter an error message “Unable to complete version check 30605” when opening the FFXIV launcher. 

FFXIV launcher unable to complete version error
FFXIV launcher “Unable to complete version check” error.

Some players have been redownloading the game many times thinking it’s a connectivity issue.

Subsequently, some players tried to solve the issue by reinstalling the game.

Even after doing above mentioned troubleshooting they are not being able to proceed further in the game.

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FFXIV Unable To Complete Version Check 30605 Error Solutions

Some players on social media report that FFXIV is under maintenance, because of which they are facing the launcher error in the game.

Hence, due to equipment replacement for the Japanese Data Center, it is under maintenance.

Similarly, another possible reason for the error seems to be a network and server issue.

These technical issues can hinder the gaming experience so, here are the troubleshooting steps you can follow to resolve the launcher error;

1. Check If The Server Is Live

Do some research and see whether the server is available or not. 

Players can check the server status by visiting the official Final Fantasy XIV website.

2. Verify Your Game Cache 

Game Cache fix is for the Players who play the Steam version of the Final Fantasy XIV.

However, players can verify the cache to re-download any files that are missing or damaged. Follow these steps:

  • Open the Steam client and go to your “Library.”
  • Right-click and select “Properties.”
  • Navigate to the “Local Files” tab and select “Verify Integrity of Game cache.”

3. Disable The Firewall

Firewalls sometimes interfere with the connection to game servers so players can try disabling it.

However, disabling your firewall should only be done temporarily.

In addition, players should re-enable it as soon as the test is complete if disabling the firewall does resolve the issue.

4. Change Boot File

Players can try to solve the FFXIV’s 30605 error by manually changing the boot file.

Paste file address on the address bar
Paste this address on the address bar to locate the “ffxiv_boot.cfg” file.

Moreover, players can follow these steps to modify the boot file;

  • Open your File Explorer.
  • Navigate to the directory where Final Fantasy XIV is installed.
  • Locate the ‘FFXIV_BOOT.cfg’ file and click on open it with a text editor like Notepad.
  • Search for “BootVersionCheckMode” and change its value to “1.”
  • Press ‘Ctrl + S’ and try launching the game again.

The Bottom Line

These technical issues can impact the gaming experience, and it can be frustrating for players.

Hence, changing the boot file, disabling the firewall, and verifying the game cache can fix the issue.

Moreover, in case if server is down, the best course of action is to wait until it is back online.

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