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Mia Battle Log In Armored Core 6 : How To Find It?

Mia is a rogue Raven who pilots a powerful Armored Core and has a hacking device that can disable your mech’s systems.

In Armored Core 6, she holds the Mia Battle Log, a Platinum Combat Log that unlocks a special part for your mech: Mia’s Hacker Device.

Mia Battle Log is a rare and valuable Combat Log in Armored Core 6 that unlocks a special part for your mech. To find it, you need to scan the area where Mia’s mech was destroyed and collect the data before the mission ends.

In this article, we will show you how to find Mia, how to fight her, and what rewards you can get from collecting the Mia Battle Log.

What Is Mia Battle Log In Armored Core 6?

Mia Battle Log is a Platinum Combat Log that can be obtained by defeating a hidden enemy in Armored Core 6.

It is one of the most elusive and challenging Combat Logs in the game.

Importantly, it requires finding and destroying a mysterious Armored Core pilot named Mia.

Mia is a former Raven who went rogue after the events of Armored Core 5.

coral convergence in armored core 6 mia battle log
You need to help factions destroy the Coral Convergence.

She hunts down and kills other Ravens, especially those who sided with the Corporation.

She pilots a customized Armored Core that is fast, agile, and armed with powerful weapons.

Additionally, she has a unique ability to hack into other mechs and disable their systems.

How To Find Mia Battle Log In Armored Core 6?

Mia Battle Log is a Gold-tier Combat Log that you can collect in Armored Core 6.

You will encounter Mia, a female mercenary who pilots a fast and agile AC.

She will try to stop you from completing your objective.

1. Reach Mia

To reach Mia, you need to use your boosters to access a secret area that is not visible on the map.

You should find a map of the mission and Mia’s location.

However, Mia is a formidable foe who excels in close-range combat with her blade and shotgun.

She will evade your attacks and counterattack with her weapons.

Therefore, you need to avoid her shotgun, which can inflict heavy damage at short distance.

Additionally, you can use your missiles, grenades, or mines to create some space, or challenge her with your own blade skills.

Carla is one of the factions in Armored Core 6

2. Defeat Mia

If you defeat Mia, you will obtain her Combat Log, which adds 10 points to your Log hunt rank.

You will also unlock her AC parts and decals for your own use.

Mia Battle Log reveals details about her history, personality, and fighting style.

Moreover, she reveals recording of her last words before she fell to your hands.

Mia joins your team as a partner after you rescue her in the mission MIA in Armored Core 6.

Ayre is one of the factions in Armored Core 6.

3. Mia’s Dilemma

There is a possibility that you will have to face her as an enemy in the final mission of the game.

However, it depends on your choices throughout the story.

She will remain loyal to you and help you in the final battle against Walter’s AC.

There are two factions in Armored Core 6: the RLF and Ayre, or Carla and Walter.

Thus, if you side with Carla and Walter, you will help them destroy the Coral Convergence.

Further, this will make you an enemy of Mia, and you will have to fight her.

This will happen in the final mission of the game, called Coral Release.

She will betray you and try to stop you from completing your objective.

The Bottom Line

By following our tips and tricks, you can locate Mia in Mission 24, fight her in a tough battle, and obtain the Mia Battle Log.

We hope this article was helpful to you and that you enjoy playing Armored Core 6.

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