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MW3 Bonus Challenge Not Working: How To Fix It?

MW3 has a bonus challenge that allows players to earn points while winning.

Players have reported some issues with the bonus challenge not working on MW3.

In MW3, players have reported the problems found in the bonus challenge. Although there are no solutions for the issue, you should contact customer care to solve it.

This article discusses what the bonus challenge is and why it is not working.

What Is The Bonus Challenge In MW3?

The bonus challenge is the event that allows players to win more points while completing matches.

The earned points count toward Armory progress which unlocks various items.

Similarly, the items include weapons, equipment, perks, and killstreaks.

This approach encourages and stimulates frequent gamers to keep playing by giving them an incentive.

reddit bonus challenge not working
This is the community discussion on Reddit about the bonus challenge not working in MW3.

The Armoury Unlock challenges, including the bonus challenges, are only available in multiplayer and zombie modes.

Players have reported the issue of the ongoing bonus challenge in the game.

The recent issue of the bonus challenge in MW3 not working might be solved in further updates.

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What Are The Issues On Bonus Challenge In MW3?

There are issues where the bonus challenge does not work as intended, preventing players from completing it.

Players in Modern Warfare 3 have experienced issues with bonus challenges such as Win Matches to Earn More Points stuck.

Players have reported getting the “Bonus challenge not working” error when attempting to complete challenges.

For example, killing a certain amount of operators with a specific weapon.

MW3 bonus challenge not working steam
This is the community discussion on Steam about the bonus challenge not working in MW3.

There will come some updates that will solve the glitch in the bonus challenge.

Therefore, those updates often include bug fixes, performance enhancements, and new features.

Some issues may require more time and effort to fix while the bonus challenge is ongoing.

Furthermore, player feedback is important in solving bugs effectively.

The Bottom Line

To add innovative functionalities, the team keeps a close watch on improving technology.

Thus, those glitches and issues might be solved in future updates of the game.

Players can contact the game developers for recognition and solution for the issue.

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