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Swinburne Choice In AC6: Should You Spare Or Not?

Swinburne is one of the main antagonists; you can find him through various missions.

Deep into the game, players will face a difficult choice of whether to spare Swinburne or not in Armored Core 6.

You can decide whether to spare Swinburne or not in AC6. While both have their potential benefits like gaining intel on Ravens Nest’s plans or risks facing him again as an enemy, the choice to do so is completely yours.

In the article, we will explore whether to spare Swinburne or not in AC6.

Who Is Swinburne In Armored Core 6 (AC6)?

Swinburne is one of the main antagonists that players can encounter in the video game Armored Core 6.

He is an elite Ravens Nest mercenary and pilot of the powerful AC known as the Black Knight.

Swinburne is considered one of the most skilled pilots in the entire mercenary organization and is known for being ruthless and unbeatable in combat.

His AC, the Black Knight, is painted entirely black with red glowing eyes and equipped with some of the most advanced weapons and armor.

Furthermore, it gives him an overwhelming advantage in battles.

Swinburne himself is a cold and calculating individual who views other pilots merely as targets to eliminate to complete his missions.

However, he shows no mercy even to those who surrender.

Where Can You Find Swinburne?

Swinburne can be found during several main story missions in Armored Core 6.

The first encounter is in Mission 6 titled Ravens Nest Uprising.

In this mission, the player’s character, a mercenary known as the “Raven“, is sent by their contractor, Circe to help quell an uprising within the Ravens Nest organization.

During the mission, Swinburne will attack the player in an effort to stop them from interfering.

Moreover, the battle occurs on an open field area with some structures for cover.

swinburne choice ac6
You must fight Swinburne to progress the story.

Defeating Swinburne is not required to complete the mission, but fighting him is necessary to progress the story.

Even if spared, he will remain an antagonist.

The next encounter is in Mission 11 titled “Black Knight.”

In this mission, Swinburne directly challenges the Raven to a one-on-one duel, viewing them as a threat after their previous battles.

The fight occurs on an isolated stretch of coastline with cliffs and rocky outcroppings.

Here, the player must defeat Swinburne in combat to complete the mission.

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How To Get To Swinburne In Armored Core 6?

There are various missions you need to encounter to find Swinburne in AC6. 

Here are the steps on how you can get to Swinburne.

1. Mission 6: Ravens Nest Uprising

To reach Swinburne in this mission, players must first pass through the Ravens Nest compound, eliminating any hostile ACs that attack.

The most direct route is to head straight down the main road, using the buildings for cover from air units. Melee weapons work best against infantry.

Moreover, Swinburne will drop in and engage in battle about halfway to the compound center.

His Black Knight AC is extremely durable and deals high damage.

Players should focus on evasive maneuvers, hit-and-run attacks, and targeting their limbs to wear them down slowly.

Keep your distance, and don’t get surrounded. With enough damage over time, Swinburne will retreat.

mission choice swinburne
You need to stay away from Swinburne and attack him.

2. Mission 11: Black Knight

Players must prepare their AC with the best weapons and parts for this one-on-one duel.

Energy-based weapons like beam rifles or Cannons work well against armor.

Stock up on vital items too.

The fight begins on the cliff edge with Swinburne rushing in fast, dodging his initial attacks, and then counters with ranged fire.

He’ll try to get in close for melee – roll away and keep distance. Now, watch for his dash attack and jump back.

Similarly, wears down his limbs and core gradually to win.

Moreover, fighting aggressively risks getting overwhelmed.

With patience and skill, the player can defeat his Black Knight.

Swinburne Choice: Should You Spare Swinburne Or Not In AC6?

The choice to spare Swinburne or not in AC6 is completely yours.

There are arguments on both sides regarding this. Let us dive deep into it.

1. Choice To Spare Swinburne

Here are some reasons why you should choose to spare Swinburne:

  • Sparing a formidable opponent shows mercy and honor, distinguishing the player from a cold-blooded killer. It could gain intel on Ravens Nest’s plans.
  • Killing him provides no tangible benefits and removes a unique character from the story. The gameplay remains the same either way.
  • Swinburne’s skills could prove useful if recruited rather than wasted. He may even respect a pilot who bested him but didn’t finish him off.

2. Choice To Not Spare Swinburne

Here are some reasons why you should choose not to spare Swinburne:

  • Swinburne is a lethal and loyal Ravens Nest enforcer who killed many pilots without mercy. Sparing him risks facing him again as an enemy later.
  • Eliminating the “Black Knight” removes one of the organization’s most dangerous assets and demonstrates the player’s strength. It may damage Ravens Nest’s morale.
  • His obsession with proving his superiority makes him unlikely ever to stand down. Sparing him only delays another inevitable confrontation down the line.
  • Gameplay remains challenging if he survives, but defeating such a skilled opponent provides a great sense of accomplishment.

Ultimately, there are good strategic and role-playing reasons for either choice.

It comes down to how the player sees their character and wants the story to progress.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sparing Swinburne

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages you may consider while choosing to spare Swinburne:


Some advantages of sparing Swinburne are:

  • Intimidates other pilots by showing mercy to a defeated foe, establishing the player’s AC as the dominant force.
  • Potential for future alliance or intel if Swinburne comes to respect the player’s strength and honor. Could gain a powerful ally.
  • Preserves a unique character and boss fight for future games or story expansions.
  • Provides alternative non-lethal resolution fitting for some character archetypes like peacemakers.


Some disadvantages of sparing Swinburne are:

  • Risks facing Swinburne again as a future enemy if he holds a grudge over defeat and loses respect. Could become an even deadlier foe.
  • Removes a dangerous opponent but provides no tangible benefits like loot. Wastes potential as an asset or source of closure.
  • Goes against the practical military strategy of eliminating skilled threats permanently rather than leaving them alive.
  • Depending on the role, it may damage the player’s reputation with contractors who prefer decisive action over mercy.
  • Swinburne’s obsession with dominance makes it unlikely he would ever fully stand down even if spared. Delaying further conflict.

The Bottom Line

While sparing Swinburne presents some role-playing and strategic advantages, most signs point to it being an impractical decision that risks future problems down the line.

But player choice and character interpretation are what bring these complex dilemmas to life.

Happy Gaming!

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