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Release Of Miami Heretics Skin Packs In MW3

Miami Heretics is the American professional Call of Duty League (CDL) esports team based in Florida.

COD MW3 League provides the best skins in the game for guns, stickers, and outfits with your favorite team logo.

The release Of Miami Heretics Skin Packs in MW3 is being officially held on 8th Jan 2023 and players can purchase it directly through an in-game shop for US$9.99 each.

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What Is Miami Heretics In MW3?

Miami Heretics are the teams that compete in the professional scene of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

Further, they are the official Call of Duty League franchise team of Miami, United States.

It was formed after Misfits Gaming partnered with Team Heretics to rebrand the Florida Mutineers.

Introducing Team Miami Heretics.

Additionally, the team and initial roster were announced on August 24, 2023, with the team players being:

  1. Vikul – Milagro, Javier
  2. Jurnii – Gonzalez Munoz, Juan Antonio
  3. Lucky – Lopez, Alejandro
  4. Mettalz – Serrano, Adrian
  5. Erikboom – Ferrer, Eric
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What Is In The Miami Heretics Skin Pack?

As you know, every CDL brings an extra amount of surprises with new skins and outfits for the players.

Players are excited to support their favorite team by buying the team’s Skin packs in the game.

In addition, this skin pack contains an exclusive combination of Black, Orange, and Sky Blue colors with great designs.

However, being a limited edition skin, this skin will only be purchasable until the end of CDL.

Miami Heretics Skins
Exclusive Miami Heretic Skins in MW3.

In the Miami Heretics Skin Pack, you can expect the following skins and updates.

1. New Main Operator Skins

Your “Main Operator Skin” is the primary outfit your character wears.

Further, it’s the default or chosen appearance that reflects the faction or forces your Operator belongs to.

2. New Alternative Operator Skins

Similarly, the “Alternative Operator Skins” provides a bit of variety in your main operator skins.

These are additional outfits that you can unlock or purchase to change up your character’s appearance.

3. Weapon Camo

Weapon camo, short for camouflage, is a cosmetic feature that allows you to customize the appearance of your weapons in MW3.

Likewise, you can use Miami stickered weapon camos to flex your teammates and show support for the team in the game.

4. Weapon Charm

Weapon charms are tiny ornaments or trinkets that you can attach to your weapons in MW3.

Then, you will be getting the team logo in init too with an attractive design.

5. Sticker

Stickers in MW3 are small graphics or decals that you can apply to your weapons or equipment.

Further, you can show off your stickers and be a team supporter in ranked or unranked games.

6. Calling Card

Calling cards in MW3 are like your virtual identity card which other players will view while visiting your profile.

The skin packs will come with the Miami Heretics calling cards that you can use as your identity.

Also, having a Calling card of Miami Heretics shows your determination towards the team.

The Bottom Line

Mark the date for the Launch of the Miami Heretics Skin pack In MW3 to Flex some new team skin and be a team supporter.

The exclusive package of outfits is waiting for you in the world of Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

So, don’t miss the chance to grab the limited edition Team Miami Heretics Skin and be a team supporter.

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