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MW3 Item Unlock Tool: Complete Guide

Many players are searching for a process to use the Tool to Unlock exclusive items in COD: MW3.

The Tool will provide access to skins, mastery games, weapons, and perks.

The Modern Warfare Item Unlock tools allow players to access all the locked or restricted contents in the game. To use the locked skins, players should download the tool folder, get the key, run the key in the folder, launch the game and enter the f2 and f3 buttons, respectively.

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MW3 Unlock Tool: Overview

The Unlock Tools are the external programs that provide exclusive content in various games, including MW3.

Players can grab items, including operators, without progressing or spending a single penny.

mw3 free camo
Equip any camo in any weapon.

However, these tools have no association with the developers; hence, using them may result in a permanent account.

Moreover, the external platform may contain malicious content and violate terms of usage, so users should use it at their own risk.

The Unlock tools may be corrupted and can cause damage to existing game progress and files as well.

Nonetheless, the tools can be a great option if players are willing to take risks and obtain the freebies without grinding.

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How To Use Unlock Tool In MW3?

To get access to exclusive accessories in Modern Warfare 3, follow the given procedure,

1. Get The Key

Players must have a unique key to obtain every item possible in MW3 through the unlock program.

Moreover, players can get the folder and the key via Discord channels or similar platforms.

Some of the tools are completely free, however, some can range up to almost $100, saving players more than a grand on a permanent basis.

However, players must be careful when joining the servers or buying the tools.

2. Load The Key

After players have the unique key, they should open the downloaded tool folder.

Further, players should paste the unique key after getting Paste your key prompt.

mw3 unlock tool
Enter the unique key to access the tool.

If players use the same key for another account, it won’t work as it is uniquely paired with an Activision Account.

3. Launch The Game

The next step is to launch Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II via Steam or Battlenet.

mw3 unlock tool
Open the MW3 on the system.

For console users, they should create a Battle Net account, visit the Activision website and log in with the account.

When players are in the main menu or mode selection screen, they should click the f2 and f3 buttons to activate the tool.

If players have not activated the function, try using the fn and the respective button.

After activating the tools, players can access all the locked Camo, weapons, operators and other features in MW3.

The Bottom Line

There are tons of programs to unlock exclusive skins, operators and other items in MW3.

However, not all tools are trusted and may carry malware leading to system failures.

Hence, if players are willing to take an easy route to unlock the in-game items, they will risk the account and their device.

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