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Why Misha Mentions Mikhail In Honkai Start Rail 2.0?

In HSR 2.0, Mikhail is a young hacker and gamer invited to join the Galaxy Rangers.

Along the way, Mikhail meets various characters from the game, such as Acheron, Black Swan, Sparkle, and Stellaron.

Contrarily, Mikhail in the Honkai: Star Rail universe blends action, humor, and romance in a captivating story.

Continue reading to learn more about Mikhail’s roles, goals, and motivations in HSR 2.0.

Mikhail In HSR 2.0

Mikhail is a character and a member of the Galaxy Rangers.

Galaxy Rangers is a group of intergalactic heroes who fight against the Stellaron.

Mikhail is a 4-star Quantum character who follows the Path of the Abundance. 

Generally, he uses a railgun as his weapon and can manipulate gravity and create wormholes.

He is a close friend of Acheron, another Galaxy Ranger who appears in the game’s story.

Significantly, Mikhail is one of the new characters introduced in the Version 2.0 update of Honkai: Star Rail.

Further, he is available in the limited-time banner “Galaxy Rangers: Mikhail & Acheron” until February 28, 2024.

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Mikhail’s Role In Honkai: Star Rail 2.0

Mikhail’s story Honkai: Star Rail 2.0 is one of the main storylines that follows the Galaxy Rangers’ adventures in the galaxy.

Mikhail plays a crucial role in this story, as he is the one who discovers the existence of the Stellaron.

Notably, Stellaron is the mysterious force that causes disasters across the cosmos.

Generally, Mikhail learns that the Stellaron is somehow connected to his past and that he has an extraordinary power that can counter it.

Therefore, Mikhail’s story involves him facing his doubts and fears.

Honkai Star Rail
Galaxy Rangers is a group of intergalactic heroes.

Further, he has to face the challenges and dangers of the Stellaron and its agents.

He also develops friendships with Acheron, who supports him throughout his journey.

On the other hand, Mikhail’s story is a mix of action, mystery, and drama as he tries to uncover the truth behind Stellaron and his destiny.

What Are His Goals And Motivations?

Mikhail’s goals and motivations in Honkai: Star Rail are mainly driven by his curiosity and sense of justice.

He wants to discover the origin and purpose of the Stellaron, the mysterious force that causes disasters across the cosmos.

Mikhail wants to discover the origin and purpose of the Stellaron.

Further, he wants to protect the galaxy from the Stellaron’s threats and help those affected.

He is willing to risk his life and use his extraordinary power to fight against the Stellaron, even if it means facing his dark past and secrets.

Contrarily, Mikhail is a brave and loyal Galaxy Ranger who values his friendship with Acheron and his duty to the galaxy. 

Relationship Between Misha And Mikhail

Misha and Mikhail are two characters from Honkai: Star Rail.

They are both 4-star Ice characters who follow the Path of Destruction.

However, they are not blood-related but share a close bond as friends and teammates.

They met each other when they joined the Galaxy Rangers.

Misha’s words flying everywhere in the Penacony story hint at his connection to Mikhail and the Stellaron.

penacony mikhail
The Penacony story hints at Misha’s connection to Mikhail.

Misha is the child that the weird dream mentions.

Significantly, he has a unique watch that allows him to stop time, which he received from someone close to him.

Misha seems to have some memories of Mikhail but does not remember them clearly.

On the other hand, Mikhail may be the watchmaker, the master of time, who gave Misha his watch and taught him how to use it.

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