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Underground Parking Utility Room Key In Tarkov Ground Zero

The underground parking utility room key is an item in Escape from Tarkov, a first-person shooter game.

Many Tarkov players are curious about the utility room key and its location.

The underground parking utility room key in Escape from Tarkov unlocks several valuable locations, making it a desirable item. Players have found the utility room key on the ramp of the new map.

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What Is Underground Parking Utility Room?

The Underground Parking Utility Room is one of several small rooms found within the underground parking areas of various maps.

utility room
Underground Parking Utility Room.

To access these rooms, you must have the Underground Parking Utility Room Key.

Moreover, this key can either be obtained as random loot or acquired by bartering with the specific trader.

It is used to unlock utility rooms in Ground Zero, a business center, and one of the maps in the game.

Finding Underground Parking Utility Room Key 

Ground Zero in TerraGroup HQ is the starting point for low-level PMCs.

The key will be used to unlock utility rooms that may contain valuable loot or clues for quests. 

Moreover, the exact location and spawn rate of the key are not yet known. 

tarkov key
Underground Parking Utility Room Key in ground zero.

However, several players have found a key in Ground Zero.

Other players are assuming it is a streets key and maybe it is located under Concordia.

But the key is not under Concordia. It is located on the ramp on the new map, not in the garage.

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Why Is Underground Parking Utility Room Key Important?

The Underground Parking key in Escape from Tarkov unlocks multiple rooms across different maps.

There are several reasons why the key is important for the players. Some of them are as below:

1. Loot Potential

Players can get general supplies from the loot by unlocking various locations with the key.

Utility rooms contain toolboxes, weapon crates, and stashes, providing consistent loot like ammo, medical supplies, and weapon attachments.

Further, players can also get high-tier rewards after unlocking certain rooms.

Occasionally, these rooms spawn valuable barter items, rare weapon parts, or high-tier ammunition that boost your raid’s profitability.

However, not every room opening will guarantee high-tier rewards for the players.

2. Strategic Value

Some utility rooms have hidden passages or alternative exits for flanking or escaping.

Also, certain rooms might contain hidden stashes for storing valuable loot securely during raids.

Furthermore, the key holds barter value, allowing you to trade it with traders like Mechanic or Ragman for other items or gear.

The Bottom Line

The Underground Parking Utility Room key unlocks hidden loot opportunities on Tarkov maps, making it highly valuable.

While the specific loot varies and the key itself is somewhat rare, the potential rewards justify keeping an eye out for it.

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