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Minecraft: Alternative To Fix Mob Vote Not Working

In Minecraft, some of the players are having problems with Mob Vote not working.

During Mob voting, players can choose the mob they want to add in the next update of Minecraft.

Since the Minecraft Live Event starts on Oct 15, 2023, the Mob Vote Kicks off 48 hours before the main event.

 Players can fix the Minecraft Mob Votes not working by updating the game, not downloading the resource pack, or visiting the official Minecraft Website.

Continue Reading to learn more about the Mob Vote and solve the vote issue in Minecraft.

Minecraft: Overview Of Mob Vote

The Minecraft Mob Vote is an event released annually before the 48 hours of the Minecraft Live Event.

Similarly, it is a community-driven event where players can choose a new mob to add to the game.

In this Mob Vote Event, Mojang presents the user with exciting mobs where they have to choose their favorite one. 

Subsequently, whichever mob gets the highest vote is the winning mob and would be the permanent mob in Minecraft.

The winning Mob is announced during the Minecraft Live Event, which will kick off 48 hours later.

Mob Voting
Available Mobs to Vote in Minecraft.

The previous year, player votes brought several mobs like Glow Squid, the Allay, the Phantom, and Sniffer to Minecraft.

Likewise, players have a choice this year between the three mobs: the Penguin, the Armadillo, and the Crab.

Moreover, players should decide on selecting the right mob for the game, as all these mobs have their distinctive features.

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How To Cast Mob Vote In Minecraft?

Regarding Casting your Vote during the Event, Players can choose their mob to add to Minecraft world.

Players can still actively participate in the Mob Voting event and choose their mob despite being the newcomer.

Similarly, players can choose their Mob with three straightforward methods to be part of Minecraft Mob Vote for 2023:

1. In Game Bed Rock Server

Players can cast the mob vote in the Bed Rock server by following the given procedure,

  1. Players must first sign in with their Microsoft Account to vote using the Bed Rock Server. 
  2. They can then sign in to the Bed Rock Edition from the main menu. 
Mob Vote in Bed Rock Server
Players can access Mob Voting from their Home Screen.
  1. Players need to find the ” Mob Vote” button which can be found in the bottom left corner of the main menu.
  2. Upon selecting the “Mob Vote,” players should choose the option ” Vote Now” which redirects them to a special server.
  3. Players should head to the voting area and vote for their chosen mob by flicking the level under them.

2. Voting By Using The Minecraft Launcher

Players can also  launch their Mob Vote using the Minecraft Launcher, which can be done in simple steps:

  1. First, the player needs to launch the Minecraft Launcher App and find the “Minecraft Live” tab option on the left-hand side.
Minecraft Launcher
Players can vote from Mine craft Launcher.
  1. After clicking on the Minecraft Live, Players are redirected to the page where they can find the “Vote Now ” Button.
  2. Upon clicking the Vote Now button, players can see the available mobs to vote, and they can vote for their favorite.

3. Vote By Using Minecraft Website

Players can still vote for their favorite mob, even if they are not using the Bedrock Edition or the Minecraft Launcher.

Mine Craft Website.
Players can vote from the Minecraft Website.

Moreover, players can still cast their vote  using the official Minecraft Website, which can be done with simple steps:

  1. Players should visit the Minecraft Website and log in with their Microsoft Account.
  2. Upon logging In, you will see the ” Vote Now” button, you should click it.
  3. After clicking the Vote Now button, players can find the mobs that are open to voting.
  4. Players must choose the mob they want to vote for and click the submit button.

Minecraft Mob vote Not Working Solution

Players are experiencing the issues in The Mob Vote for Minecraft Live 2023 on several platforms including PlayStation and PC.

Due to this they cannot vote for their favorite mob and have reported Mob Vote not working.

The player seems to have this problem because of the issues regarding downloading and applying the resources pack.

Moreover, Mojang has also confirmed an issue regarding the Bed Rock Server while accessing Play Station.

The Bed Rock server for the PlayStation is not currently Unavailable, causing users frustration.

 Here are the possible solutions to Fix Mob Vote Not Working;

  1. Vote for their favorite Mob by using the official Website.
  2. Join the different realms to Vote for their Mob.
  3. Restart the app and try again without downloading the Resource Pack.
  4. Wait for Mojang Studious to resolve this issue as they are actively working on it.

The Bottom Line 

In this annual Minecraft Mob Vote event, players can cast their vote for their favorite Mob to make it permanent.

Minecraft mob vote not working on the issue can be resolved by using Bedrock Server, Minecraft Launcher, and the Minecraft Website.

In Summary, players can resolve the issue of mob vote not working in bedrock servers by using another alternative.

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