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How To Find The Enlarged Heart In Remnant 2?

Do you want to heal yourself more frequently in Remnant 2 but agree to compromise some healing efficiency?

Then you should look into the Enlarged Heart relic, which may increase your Dragon Heart charges and save your life in dangerous situations.

In Remnant 2, the Enlarged Heart is a relic that gives you more chances to heal yourself with the cost of a reduced healing amount. You can enhance its capacity by crafting more Dragon Heart with Wallace’s help or wearing the Tear of Kaeula ring that grants you extra relic slots.

Continue reading to discover more about the Enlarged Heart and its bug with a solution.

What Is The Enlarged Heart In Remnant 2?

The Enlarged Heart is one of the 17 relics in the game, a rare item, and you obtain it from Cass.

Cass is a merchant who sells various relics and other items.

Relics are potent items in the relic slot of the character’s inventory.

Generally, using the Dragon Heart increases the amount of health restored.

The player can activate the Dragon Heart by pressing a button on the controller or keyboard.

Additionally, it reduces the cooldown time of the Dragon Heart, allowing the player to use it more frequently.

Remnant 2 Enlarged Heart Relic
An Enlarged Heart Relic is a rare item.

How To Find The Enlarged Heart In Remnant 2?

To find the Enlarged Heart relic in Remnant 2, visit Cass. Let’s discuss in detail the ways to find it:

1. Enter the Outpost

Initially, you need to enter the Outpost portal from the Sanctuary.

You can access the Outpost by using the portal in the Sanctuary.

The portal is located near the center of the Sanctuary, next to a giant statue of a dragon.

2. Find Cass

Next, you need to look for Cass in the Outpost near the entrance to the Forest region.

He wears a brown coat and a hat. Further, he has a large backpack full of goods that he sells to the players.

3. Talk to Cass

Further, you need to talk to Cass and browse his inventory.

Cass’s inventory changes every time you visit him, so you may not immediately see the Enlarged Heart relic.

Moreover, you can try to refresh his inventory by exiting and re-entering the Outpost.

4. Buy The Heart

The Enlarged Heart relic costs 10,000 scrap, which is the main currency in the game. 

Therefore, you must buy the Heart Relic from Cass if available.

If you have enough scrap, you can buy it from Cass by selecting from his inventory and confirming your purchase.

Hence, you can enjoy the benefits of the Enlarged Heart relic and utilize its benefits.

How To Fix The Enlarged Heart Bug In Remnant 2?

While increasing your Dragon Heart charges by 2, this relic also decreases healing by 25%.

Although some players claim that the relic does not appear in their inventory.

reddit discussion on enlarged heart
Reddit discussion on an enlarged heart.

Additionally, it does not impact their Dragon Heart charges, while others have claimed it does.

The developers are aware of and attempting to address what appears to be a widespread problem.

heart bug
Steam discussion on Enlarged Heart

Players can try some of the suggestions below for a certain period:

  1. Check that you have the most recent version of the game installed and updated.
  2. Determine whether you mistakenly equipped another relic that interferes with or overrides the Enlarged Heart effect, such as the Encrypted Ring or the Luminous Core.
  3. Check to see if the Enlarged Heart relic still functions by taking it out of your inventory and putting it back in.
  4. Restart the game and load your previous save file.
  5. Ensure that you and your gaming buddy have the exact copies of the game and relics accessible if you’re using the co-op option.

How To Increase The Capacity Of Enlarged Heart In Remnant 2?

 There are two ways to increase your Enlarged Heart capacity and have more chances to heal yourself in combat.

1. Upgrade Dragon Heart

One can upgrade Dragon Heart capacity with Wallace, an NPC in Ward 13’s docks.

He will charge you 1,000 Scrap, 10 Lumenite Crystals, and a Simulacrum for each upgrade.

Scrap and Lumenite Crystals may be earned by defeating opponents and looting chests.

While Simulacrum is a rare item discovered in secret areas or from unique monsters.

Wallace may boost your Dragon Heart capacity up to ten times.

You can upgrade the Dragonheart.

2. Equip Tear of Kaeula

The second method is to wear the Tear of Kaeula.

The ring offers two additional relic slots for Dragon Hearts or other relics.

This ring is found in Yaesha, one of the game’s biomes.

However, the specific location may change based on the world’s randomness.

You may have to explore locations or battle monsters to discover them.

Tear of kaeula
Tear of Kaeula offers two additional relic slots

The Bottom Line

You should be careful not to rely too much on healing, as it may make you less cautious and more vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Moreover, you can improve your weapons, armor, traits, and skills to survive better in Remnant 2.

Continue reading to explore the answer from your heart and boost the lifesteal and soul link king in Remnant 2.
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