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Minecraft Universal Event Clapper: Find All The Location

Minecraft is a popular sandbox game with many features and events on holidays or special occasions.

It has a large and active community that is always coming up with new and exciting game-playing methods.

One of the latest additions to Minecraft is the Universal Event, where players need to find the Clapper and get some exciting rewards. Furthermore, there are 12 clappers that you can find hidden throughout the Universal Studios area.

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What Is A Universal Event In Minecraft?

A Universal Event is a special event collaborated with Universal Studios in Minecraft.

Microsoft Universal events are themed around holidays and special occasions.

During these events, players can participate in various activities and earn rewards.

The Universal Event Clapper is a special item used to get special rewards.

Similarly, it is a collectible item that the player needs to find and collect.

There are 12 locations where the Clapper can be found in Minecraft Universal Event.

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Find All 12 Locations Of The Clapper In Minecraft

Finding all 12 locations of the Clapper in Minecraft can be a challenging task.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to find all 12 locations of the Clapper in Minecraft:

  1. You can find the first Clapper near the spawn point around the circular structure of Universal Studio.
near the spawn point
Find the first Clapper near the spawn point.
  1. Similarly, the second Clapper is behind a red curtain to the left of the spawn.
  2. Likewise, the third Clapper is above a green screen to the left, accessible by a staircase.
  3. You can find a clapper if you venture past a heist game near a fire hydrant next to a parkour game.
  4. Go near the Jaws game, where you can locate a clapper through a window that is accessible by going around the house.
  5. Furthermore, there are two clappers inside Shrek Swamp and Fiona’s cabin, which you need to climb vines to find.
  6. Go to the Pinocchio, engage in parkour, and reach a high point to find a clapper.
  7. Next, go to the nearby fire hydrant on the street and use it to jump onto a roof, where you will find another clapper.
jump on the fire hydrant to the roof
You can find a clapper by jumping on the fire hydrant to the roof.
  1. Now go to the director’s set game to the left; you will find a clapper.
  2. Again, go to the fire hydrant and use it to jump to the roof, then go around it and jump to the next building on the right.
  3. Afterward, you can see a clapper floating in the air, jump and click it to get the Clapper.
  4. Return to the spawn area and find a clapper to the left before entering the Western area in a small room.
  5. Finally, go to the target practice area and ascend a staircase to find the last Clapper.
on the target practice area
By jumping on the fire hydrant to the roof, you can find a clapper.

Rewards After Completing The Universal Event

After completing the Universal event of finding and collecting all 12 clappers, players are rewarded with special gifts and are:

  • Clapper Back Item: You need to restart Minecraft to show up in the game.
  • Shrek Head: To get Shrek Head, just go to the marketplace and gift section where you can claim it.
Get special gift
Get special gifts after finding all the clappers.

The Bottom Line

The Minecraft Universal Event is a fun and exciting event that rewards players with special items.

Finding all 12 locations of the Clapper can be challenging, but with the right strategy, it is possible.

Once you have found all 12 locations, you can claim your rewards in the gift section.

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