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How To Get Cold Resistant Thermal Underwear In Palworld?

Palworld has various biomes with different temperatures, including the cold one, which requires thermal underwear to survive.

Players must equip the cold resistance underwear to survive the cold especially when exploring zones full of adventure.

Obtaining Palworld thermal underwear requires raiding the dungeons, exploring various locations, and spending some in-game currency.

Continue reading to learn how to get the cold-resistant thermal underwear to survive the Palworld’s cold weather.

Cold Weather In Palworld

Palworld is an open-world game set in diverse biomes, creating a dynamic environment where players must struggle with the weather challenge.

The different weather conditions in Palworld add more challenges to the game.

Similarly, players may experience cold weather at night in temperate zones, deserts, and snow biomes.

To survive in Palworld, players must avoid cold.
To survive in Palworld, players must avoid getting cold.

However, players can identify whether they are too cold or hot by viewing the temperature gauge state at the bottom left of the screen.

If the temperature gauge hits a light blue section means players are a little cold and need warmth and shelter.

Subsequently, if it hits the dark blue section, it means players are about to freeze to death.

Getting too cold in Palworld can be problematic and deplete players’ health bars.

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How To Survive The Cold Weather In Palworld?

In Palworld, there are a few ways that players can follow if their temperature drops below freezing.

Further, one of the best ways to survive the cold weather is to wear warm clothing.

Similarly, Players can use some cold-resistance underwear as their accessory slots to survive the cold.

They can buy it from the merchants located at different biome and towns.

Thermal Underwear raises Cold Resistance In Palworld.
An accessory that raises Cold Resistance can easily withstand the most frigid environments.

There are several different types of thermal underwear, i.e., t-shirts, for players to avoid freezing in Palworld.

1. Thermal Underwear

This underwear significantly boosts Cold Resistance and costs 1000 in-game currency.

It is an indispensable accessory for players to navigate through freezing environments.

2. Thermal Underwear +1

In Palworld, Thermal Underwear +1 takes the Cold Resistance higher.

Further, it provides a more substantial boost than the first one, i.e., Thermal Underwear.

However, to equip this item players need to spend 4000 in-game currency.

3. Thermal Underwear +2

This Thermal Underwear represents the pinnacle of cold resistance accessories in Palworld.

It offers more protection against freezing temperatures than any other cold-resistance underwear.

Similarly, characters wearing Thermal Underwear +2 can easily withstand even the most frigid environments.

Obtaining Cold Resistant Thermal Underwear

In Palworld, players can find different accessories ranging from pendants and rings to underwear.

Here are some possible ways that players can follow to get cold-resistant thermal underwear in Palworld.

1. Raid The Dungeons

Palworld has a lot of dungeon areas situated all around the map which is the best way to get some amazing loot.

Thus, players can explore various dungeons found throughout the Palworld to get the accessories.

They can also repeat the dungeons as many times as they want; higher-level dungeons are more likely to provide rarer equipment.

2. Defeat The Bosses And Loot The Chests

Players can find thermal underwear in the chest while navigating through different Islands.

When exploring different places, players may encounter bosses that players can defeat to get a large purple crystal and chests.

Sanctuary 2 is located at the west of the main Island
Sanctuary 2 is located to the west of the main Island.

However, Thermal Underwear can be found in Wildlife Sanctuary 1, number 2 which is around the middle of the map, and at number 3.

Hence, Sanctuary 3 is one of the best locations to find the chests with Underwear and is located at the top right of the map.

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