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MK1 Character Mastery: Fast Rank Up

Character mastery in MK1 is the best way to evolve any fighter in the game.

This allows players to have a significant advantage in the battles.

Character Mastery in MK1 refers to the ranking of a specific character. To increase their mastery faster, players must complete Test Your Might events, engage in combats, try to obtain flawless victory, add relics for additional XP and play many online matches.

Continue reading to learn the techniques to master the character faster in Mortal Kombat 1.

Character in Mortal Kombat 1

The Mortal Kombat 1 offers a variety of unique skills for all the characters.

With this, the playing style, defensive mechanics and fatalities will differ for all the characters.

There are around 30 playable characters, so choosing the character can be challenging.

Scorpion, Sub-zero, Liu King, and Raiden are a few well-known characters and much loved by the players.

Moreover, players also love to pick the characters according to their appearance or simply want to play the characters of the TV shows.

Players can play as John Cena, the Peacemaker from DC and Omni-man from Invincles from the Kombat pack edition.

MKI Character Mastery

The MKI Character Mastery refers to level-up any characters faster.

For this, players must play as the character and earn specific rewards that will slowly increase the progress to a certain level.

mk1 character mastery
Rank up by earning character-specific rewards.

Players can see the mastery tab besides the quest and kareer stats in the fighters section. 

Progressing through with the character can grant players XP, which will help them climb ranks from 1 to 35, the highest of the game.

Ranking up will provide players with additional features, including gears, brutality, Unlock Second Fatality, palette, krystals and taunts.

How To Increase The Character Mastery In MK1?

The best ways to increase the character mastery level in MK1 are as follows;

1. Test Your Might

Test Your Might event is one of the best techniques that help increase the character’s XP.

First, players must enter the invasion mode and pick Fengjian Village, Fire Temple or any other maps.

mk1 character mastery
Start to Test Your Might in invasion mode.

Players can select any fighters while entering the mode and earn the experience by triggering the button and completing the task.

Moreover, If players are in the fire temple, they should search for a key to gain access to the Test Your Might challenge.

Over there, players have to trigger the prompt button according to the device and breach the skull/head into two halves. 

Players can repeat it until they reach the invasion character at level 30 to earn more points.

Additionally, players with a relic can equip it with 15% more XP for completing the Test Your Might event.

2. Engage In Battles

The other way to increase the experience points to level up faster is to engage in many battles.

Players can also repeat the squad up or triple threat events to increase cameo and account levels.

Moreover, players can also play online matches for a higher XP to rank any characters fast.

However, before fighting, be sure to boast the attack aspect of the character.

Players can easily assign all of the stat points to attack to defeat the enemy.

The best technique to earn additional XP in a fight is securing a flawless victory.

Flawless victory mortal kombat 1
Secure a flawless victory in the combat.

Players can get many flawless victories in the starting ranks, as the enemy can’t really deploy a hit.

As all XP is the same for all of the ranks, starting from scratch is not an issue.

The Bottom Line

Character mastery is an in-game feature to know the skill level of any character in Mortal Kombat 1.

In addition, ranking up in mastery will unlock fatalities, brutality, skins, and taunt features for the fighter.

Lastly, the best methods to master the character are playing lots of Test Your Might Challenge and winning any battle flawlessly.

Continue reading to complete Another Test Subject and Dedaerht Klue in Mortal Kombat 1.
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