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Enshrouded Seed Of Suspicion Quest: How To Complete It?

The seed of the suspicion quest has created a buzz in the Enshrouded community.

Completing a quest rewards users with various items, just as the Seed of Suspicion offers its own unique rewards.

Moreover, to complete the quest, players must follow specific instructions, travel to a certain location, and craft materials.

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Seed Of Suspicion Quest In Enshrouded

Enshrouded quests are exciting adventures that involve players in different challenges, encouraging them to engage and explore.

Players can unearth various quests, each offering thrilling narratives and hurdles to overcome.

 Similarly, the Seed Of Suspicion quest is a side quest that you can find in a farmhouse in a small, ruined farm town.

Player tying to solve quest
A Player opens different quests including the seed of suspicion.

You need to read a Lore book titled I Buried it Deep, which tells you about a treasure buried in a nearby mud pit.

Then, find the treasure chest under an awning by a building. Opening the chest will complete the quest and reward you with some loot.

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Location For Seed Of Suspicion Quest

In Enshrouded, the location for the “Seed of Suspicion” side quest typically centers around a farmhouse marked with a red star on the map.

While exploring the interior of this farmhouse, players can find the crucial Lore book titled “I Buried it Deep,” which initiates the quest.

The exact location of the farmhouse can be identified by using in-game markers, quest descriptions, or information provided by NPCs.

Moreover, players need to pay attention to the surroundings and use any available hints to pinpoint the starting point of the quest.

Once inside the farmhouse, thoroughly search for the Lore book and read its contents for more clues.

Further, the book will likely provide clues guiding you to a nearby mud pit where the treasure associated with the quest is buried.

Then, navigate to the indicated mud pit, looking for landmarks or features mentioned in the Lore book.

The mud pit may be near the farmhouse or in a specified location during the quest.

Further, after locating the mud pit, you must search the surrounding area for a buried chest.

Interact with the chest to open it and complete the “Seed of Suspicion” quest, earning rewards and progressing.

Make sure to check your quest log for confirmation of completed quests, and enjoy exploring and discovering in Enshrouded.

How To Complete The Seed Of Suspicion Quest?

To complete the “Seed of Suspicion” quest in Enshrouded, begin by obtaining the quest through the Lore book.

The book’s name is “I Buried It Deep” which you will find in the game.

Thoroughly explore the farmhouse, find the Lore book, and read it for clues to the location of the treasure buried in a mud pit.

Digging the spot to find the treasure..
Digging the spot to find the treasure buried in a mud pit.

Additionally, Pay close attention to any information about the mud pit’s location, which may be near the farmhouse.

Navigate to the specified mud pit, search for a buried chest, and watch for any unique landmarks or features.

After finding the chest, interact with it to open and complete the “Seed of Suspicion” quest.

This action may yield valuable rewards such as items +75 XP points, which will be useful for the next challenge.

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