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Mk1 John Cena Test Your Might Quest: Success And Failures

Players of Mortal Kombat (MK1) must engage as John Cena in the “Test Your Might” peacemaker quest.

During this quest, players can witness John Cena using a gun to shoot the big bone to test their strength.

If players can shoot the bone and smash it through the table, then the mission is a success; otherwise,  it is a failure.

Continue reading to learn more about the John Cena Test You Might Quest in MK1.

John Cena As A Peacemaker In MK1

Recently, MK1 has introduced Peacemaker into the gameplay and changed the dynamics of the game.

Peacemaker’s entrance into Mortal Kombat is one of the significant milestones for the game.

Similarly, players can witness John Cena as a peacemaker, renowned for his talent in the wrestling ring and silver screen.

John Cena steps up in the virtual arena of MK1 as a peacemaker, and both MK1 and wrestling fans are in for a surprise.

Due to its inspiration from the DC Comics universe and a spin-off TV series created by James Gunn, Peacemaker adds another level of excitement for the players.

MK1: John Cena In Test Your Might

In Mortal Combat 1, players can indulge in several quests with John Cena as a peacemaker.

Among all these quests, players should participate in the Test Your Might Quest as John Cena.

Similarly, during this quest, players are presented with a formidable challenge: to test their strength through a massive bone.

As a peacemaker, players must demonstrate their strength alongside their skill and precision by shooting the bone.

Test your Might Quest In Mk1
A player is participating in Test Your Might Quest in Mk1.

This quest’s main purpose is to test the player’s capability of shooting the bone and smashing it through the table.

To achieve success in this mission, players should focus on precision, timing, and a steady hand.

You can witness the energy bar on your left-hand side, and success lies in pressing the R2 button at the right moment.

Test Your Might In Mk1: John Cena’s Success and Failure

During this quest, players can complete the quest by shooting the bone through the table.

Similarly, players should always take into consideration the energy level on their left while pulling the trigger.

The key to completing this quest is shooting the gun at the right moment with precision and accuracy.

If players are not able to shoot the gun at the right moment, they have to experience bad outcomes such as death.

Test your Might in MK1 failure
Players should face the death penalty if they cannot complete the test your might quest in Mk1.

The game has set multiple ways for players to kill the players if they are not strong enough to complete this quest.

You can die from a sword cutting you into two halves, being hit by an arrow, pulling your neck off, smashing your head, or through a gunshot.

With each attempt at the Test Your Might Quest, you can experience a rush of adrenaline to perfectly time your shot.

How To Complete The Test Your Might Quest In Mk1?

As players embark on this quest, their strength and concentration abilities are tested.

During this quest, players should shoot the bone through the table and smash them both to complete it successfully.

Upon completing the quest, you can also obtain the enticing rewards from the quest.

Here are some things to consider to complete the Test Your Might Quest in Mk1:

  1. Players should set their aim perfectly aligned with the bones.
  2. Always keep an eye on the bar on your LHS as you are about to pull the trigger.
  3. You should never pull the trigger while the energy level is low on the bar.
  4. Check the borderline in the bar, and make sure you release the trigger once the energy level is above the borderline.
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