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Guide To Solve Blood Bath Klue And LLAB RAIH Klue In Mk1

Players can solve Klues like Outta Nowhere, Blood Bath Klue, LLAB RAIH, LBlue Msaraiu etc to earn rewards in MK1.

To solve the Klues, players must know their Fatalities, Brutalities and Finishers move to use against the opponent.

Thus, players can enter the Blood Bath Klue from the dark portal in the Living Forest of MK1.

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Blood Bath Klue In MK1: Nitara Frost Vs Initiate Tremor

The Blood Bath Klue is in the Living Forest in Mortal Kombat 1 where players must enter for 1v1 combat.

Furthermore, when players enter the Blood Bath Klue, they will be put against the  Initiate Aftershock Tremor.

The battle in the Blood Bath Klue is between Nitara Frost and Initiate Aftershock Tremor

Hence, to win against the Initiate Aftershock Tremor, players must use Nitara Finishers Fatalities attack.

1. Nitara’s Fatalities Finisher Moves

There are three Fatalities Finishers moves of Nitara In MK1: Winter Finisher, Mid Vaeternus Kombat and Mid Brake Check.

All of these three moves have an Easy Fatality move option in the game.

However, to win in the Blood Bath Klue in MK1, players must use Nitara’s Mid Vaeternus Kombat Fatalities Finisher on the opponent.

2. Nitara’s Brutalities Finisher Moves

Nitara has six Brutalities moves as her Finisher moves in Mortal Kombat 1.

The Klassic is one of the six Brutalities Finisher move which has a high block type and deal the highest damage of 140 to the enemy.

Similarly, They Come Right Off is another Brutalities Finisher move of Nitara that has an overhead block type but deals only 70 damage to the enemy.

Embrace The Pain, Come Here Often, Taste Of Blood, Something You Ate etc are the other four Brutalities of Nitara Frost in MK1.

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How To Solve Blood Bath Klue In MK1?

To solve the Blood Bath Klue in MK1, players must use Nitara’s Fatalities Finisher Moves called Mid Vaeternus Kombat.

Furthermore, Nitara Frost is an MK1 fighter with wings and uses deadly birds attack for Blood Bath in the game.

So when you use the Mid Vaeternus Kombat Fatalities Finisher move on Initiate Tremor, he dies instantly.

Blood Bath Mk1
To solve the Blood Bath Klue in Mk1, players must use the Mid Vaeternus Kombat move of Nitara Frost.

Upon using the buttons for Mid Vaeternus Kombat, Nitara Frost flies into the sky and instantly grabs the jaw of Initiate Tremor.

In addition, this makes the Initiate Tremor forcefully open his mouth wide open.

In the meantime, a swarm of red bats enter through his mouth at full speed making the opponent scream with pain and killing him on the spot.

Rewards For Solving Blood Bath Klue In MK1

After defeating the Tremor in the Blood Bath, a dark portal will open.

The dark portal will bring you a treasure chest with rewards for completing the Blood Bath Klue in MK1.

Hence, players will get the legendary Consumable Enchanter Booster as their reward.

In addition, players will also earn 250 seasonal credits and a common Geras Palette as their rewards for completing Blood Bath Klue in MK1.

How To Solve LLAB RAIH Klue In MK1?

Among all the Klues in MK1, many players are stuck in solving the LLAB RAIH Klue and are desperately looking for answers.

Furthermore, LLAB RAIH Klue is the new beginning where players must enter through the dark portal for a 1V1 battle.

After entering the LLAB RAIH Klue, players will be against the God of Realms Sonya of level 24.

In addition, the protagonist of the fight is Sindel Frost in the LLAB RAIH Klue in MK1.

Players must use Sindel’s Hairball special move to win the fight and solve the LLAB RAIH Klue in MK1.

Similarly, to solve the LLAB RAIH clue in MK1, players must equip Sindel and spam Hair Ball against God of Realms Sonya.

Sindel’s Hairball is one of her special moves which has a high block type and deals 60 damage.

Hence, Sindel can win the fight against Sonya by attacking with her hair in the LLAB RAIH Klue.

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