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How To Perform Klue Slide2left Slide2right In MK1?

In MK1, players can perform Klue Slide2Left and Slide2Right move with the Sub-Zero character during the fight.

Slide2Left and Slide2Right make an important move to win against formidable foes like Lady of Tajan in MK1.

Hence, players must go to their move list and learn the buttons to slide left and right to dodge attacks and strike back at the enemy.

Continue reading to learn how to do the Slide2Left and Slide2Right in MK1.

Sub-Zero Move List: Slider2Left And Slide2Right In MK1

In Mortal Kombat 1, there are move list and controls that lets players manage the settings for their moves in combat.

Sub-Zero character in MK1 has several special moves like Ice Kline, Ice Slide, Diving Glacier and Deadly Vapors.

Among all the moves, the Absolute Zero move lets players do Slide2Left and Slide2Right during battles.

Move list of Sub zero in MK1
Brutality move works for sliding left and right during battle in MK1.

Sub-Zero has basic moves, special moves, Kameo moves and Finishers moves in Mortal Kombat 1.

Hence, Absolute Zero lies in the finisher’s move category which is given below:

1. Sub-Zero Basic Moves In Mortal Kombat 1

The normal attacks of Sub zero are Clammy Palm, Lin Kuei Storm, Advancing Frost, Frozen over, Freezing point, cold front etc.

Quick chill, Blistering Blizzard, Whiteout, Spinal Tap, Brain Freeze, and Heavy toes are some other normal Sub-zero attacks.

Artic Hammer, Whiteout, and Spinal Tap are the overhead block-type attacks which can deal damage of 70, 70 and 97.50 respectively.

Clammy Palm Quick Chill, Brain Freeze and Heavy Toe are high block-type attacks that deal damage of 20, 30, 140 and 50 respectively.

Likewise, Lin Kuei Storm, Advancing Frost, Frozen Over, cold Front, Blistering Blizzard etc are mid-block-type attacks.

2. Sub-Zero Kameo Moves In Mortal Kombat 1

In the Kameo moves, Sub-Zero can do the Knife toss attack which is a high block type that can deal 39 damage to the enemy.

However, eye laser is the special Kameo move that can deal 100 damage and is a mid-block type attack.

Ball and Ball dealy are other mid-block type Kameo moves that can deal 50 damage each to the enemy.

Players can also do Kameo throws using their Noggin which can deal 110 damage to the enemy.

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3. Sub-Zero Finishers Moves In Mortal Kombat 1 

The finisher moves of Sub-Zero have three categories of moves: Fatalities, Brutalities and Kameo Fatality.

Hairline Fracture, Easy Fatality, Brain Freeze and Eay Fatality 2 are the four Finishers fatalities moves of Sub-Zero.

Similarly, there are six Finishers’ Brutalities: The Klassic, Absolute Zero, Snowball, Karbon Kopy, Krushed Ice and the ability to freeze.

The Klassic Brutality move is the finisher move which is a high block type attack and can do 140 damage to the enemy.

MK1 Klue slider2left and Slide2right
The Absolute Zero is the brutality finisher move of Sub-Zero that lets players slide left and right during battle.

Krushed ice is also the finisher brutality move and is it an overhead block-type attack that can deal  70 damage to the enemy.

Mid-Heart Rippe is the one Kameo Fatality finisher move of Sub-Zero in Mortal Combat 1.

Among the Finishers’ moves Absolute Zero is the Brutality move that can help players do Slide2Left and Slide2Right.

How To Do The Klue Slide2left Slide2right In MK1?

To do the Klue Slide2Left and Slide2Right in MK1 using Sub-Zero, players must select the Brutalities Finishers.

Furthermore, players must use the Absolute zero move buttons to slide left and right during the battle.

Slide2left and slide2right in MK1
Players must press the buttons for absolute zero three times to sldie2left and slide2right in MK1.

There is no specific information on the hit damage, block damage, or block type of this attack yet.

However, it is a useful brutality move that helps you Slide2Left and Slide2Right while battling with the enemy.

1. Use Absolute Zero Brutality Move

The Slide2Left and Slide2Right moves are very effective against a formidable enemy like the Lady of Tajan.

The cool part of sliding left and sliding right during the fight is you will slide on the icy scale.

When you use the Absolute zero move and press the button correctly, it will create ice on your feet which helps you to slide quickly.

You must use the buttons as shown in the figure below to use the Absolute zero move for sliding left and right during the fight.

Use the buttons in MK1
Use the buttons in the figure to perform Slide2Right and Slider2Left in MK1.

2. Creates An Opening For Fatal Strike

When you Slide2Left and Slide2Right during the fight, it confuses the enemy and you get the upper hand for striking them.

Hence, it is indeed a very useful technique to use against formidable foes in Mortal Kombat 1.

As you Slide2Left and Slide2Right, the enemy’s attack against you will miss and you can dodge their powerful attacks.

On top of that, you will get an opening to give them a fatal strike from behind when you slide left or right.

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