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MK1 Toasty Klue: Scorpion’s Flaming Tribute

The Klue is a fun challenge that pays tribute to the classic Easter Egg in the game series.

In Toasty Klue’s riddle, you must use Scorpion to perform his Toasty fatality to solve this Klue in MK1. Other characters are unlikely to trigger the Toasty Klue.

Continue reading to learn more about Klue Toasty and how to solve it in Mk1.

What Is MK1 Klue?

MK1 Klue is a riddle in the Mortal Kombat 1 Invasion mode.

It is a single-player mode; players must move through a tabletop-style map to complete the challenges.

Furthermore, one challenge is solving Klues, which are riddles to unlock new areas and items.

MK1 Klues are marked by a glowing blue question mark which are found throughout the Invasion mode map.

Follow these steps to complete a Klue:

  • Interact with the Klue to solve it, opening up a text box containing a riddle.
  • Read the riddle and think about possible answers.
  • Some are easy whereas some are difficult so you can always ask for help from other players or search online.
  • You will be rewarded with a new item or area on solving a Klue such as Fatalities, skins, or unlock new Kameo fighters.

Example of a MK1 Klue:

  • Klue: Use the element that brings life
  • Answer: Perform Rain’s fatality

Perform Rain’s fatality by holding down the button and pressing; forward, down, back, and X.

What Is MK1 Klue Toasty?

MK1 Klue Toasty is a riddle where you must use Scorpion to perform his Kameo Fatality.

A new Kameos feature in MK1 allows you to choose fighters to aid you in battles.

Moreover, you need to solve the Invasion Klues to unlock Kameos.

The Klue’s name likely references Scorpion’s catchphrase, Get Over Here!

Furthermore, Klue’s name is meant to be a lighthearted joke as it is often used humorously or ironically.

Therefore, it is possible that the fatality was chosen because it is one of his iconic moves or a gruesome way to finish an opponent.

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How To Solve Klue Toasty In MK1?

Klue: Toasty 

Answer: Toasty Fatality

You can solve the Klue Toasty in MK1 by following the steps below:

1. Choose Scorpion

Firstly, go to the Kameo menu to select your Kameo Fighter.

Then, choose Scorpion as your Kameo Fighter.

Choosing Scorpion as your Kameo fighter.

2. Perform Scorpion’s Fatality

Position Scorpion at a mid-distance not too close, not too far.

Once you are in the right position, perform Scorpion’s Kameo Fatility, which is his unique finishing move.

Hold down the block button and press the following buttons: forward, down, back, and X.

Therefore, this will solve the Klue Toasty, and you can continue through the Invasion mode.

Kameo Fatality, (Mid) Toasty

3. Fight And Win

Enter a match against your opponent and make sure you defeat them.

You can choose your opponent against a computer-controlled or human opponent online.

Battle won using Scorpion.

Rewards After Completing Toasty Klue

Here are the rewards you will receive after completing the Mortal Kombat 1:

  • Completing the Toasty Klue will reward you with 1000 Koins.
  • You can unlock a new Kameo Fighter.
  • Fatality, which is a special finishing move given to Scorpion.
  • New skin for Scorpion is unlocked to change their appearance.
  • A new title can be displayed next to Scorpion after completing the challenge.

The Bottom Line

Klue Toasty in Mortal Kombat 1 is all about using Scorpion to perform his unique Kameo Fatality.

However, completing it rewards you with Koins, a new Kameo fighter, skin, and a title.

Therefore, choose Scorpion, execute the fatality, and reap the rewards!

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