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How To Get The Datura Ship In Starfield?

The Datura is one of the secret ships in the Starfield game.

Players can come across the ship while playing the Ryujin industry mission.

Players can get the Datura ship in Starfield in the Top Secret mission of the Ryujin industries. However, players need to persuade Malai Liskova to accept the invitation so players can board and take off the ship.

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The Datura Ship In Starfield

The Datura Ship is unique in nature, found in the Top Secrets mission while playing the Ryujin faction quest.

As multiple factions are in the game, players must be of the same faction to obtain the ship.

The ship is relatively compact in design but has enough facilities and is owned by Malai Liskova.

Players who explore Saturn’s orbit will fight the ship in the mission.

Unfortunately, getting the ship is difficult, as players must complete and progress through the series of events.

the datura starfield
Datura ship exterior view.

The Datura is pretty decent if players see the overall ship system and provide a value of over 80000 credits.

It has a fuel capacity of 280 liters and offers durability of around 530 hulls.

In addition, up to four crew and companions can also travel in the unique ship at once while exploring the planets.

For attack, the ship offers six lasers, 17 ballistics and 38 missiles.

Thankfully, it also has 455 shields that add a layer of protection and offer 17 jump LY.

Moreover, it has an overall mass of around 380 kg, but the cargo space is quite disappointing.

If players are unsatisfied with the ship, they can sell or upgrade it by approaching the ship technician.

Obtaining The Datura Ship In Starfield

A single twist in the event can change the direction of the mission, so players must carefully select the dialogue options.

To get the Datura ship in Starfield, players must carefully follow the given procedures; 

1. Apply For The Job

Initially, players must visit the Ryujin trade kiosk in any nearest terminal to apply for a job.

Apply for the job in the Ryujin industry kiosk.

Players should fill out the job application with decent answers to get the job from Imogene.

Further, players should complete six short quests for the Ryujin industries until they reach the Top Secrets mission.

2. Start Top Secret Mission

After progressing, players must play the Top Secret mission and meet Maeve on the executive floor and Ularu.

Players can see her in the Ryijun building’s executive floor in the Neon. 

Volii Alpha
Fast travel to the Neon in Volii Alpha.

3. Travel To Cydonia 

After agreeing terms with Ullaru, players should head to the mining colony of Cydonia and meet Simon.

Make sure not to pay Simon any Money when selecting the dialogue option, or players may not obtain the ship.

the datura starfield
Talk to Simon in the mining colony of Cydonia.

4. Head To The Saturn Orbit

After meeting Simon, players should take their ship to the orbit of Saturn planet in the Sol system.

While exploring, players will see the Daura ship flying around and should accept the transmission.

the datura starfield
Incoming transmission from the Datura ship.

Further, players should select the dialogues that can persuade Malai to give Ember and invite players to the ship.

Players should dock and board the Datura ship if she accepts the request after blaming Simon.

Then, players should head over to the cockpit and approach Malai.

Players can either kill her, persuade her to get the gun or persuade her to get both the gun and the ship.

5. Take Off The Datura Ship

Players should have a little conversation with Malai and just take off the spaceship. 

the datura starfield
Take the pilot seat of the Datura ship.

Ensure to take the Datura to any other planet and deploy landing.

In addition, players must go to the menu and register the ship using around 9500 credits to add to their fleet.

If players want to keep the Ember weapon, they must head back to Cydonia, meet Simon and select the second dialogue.

Moreover, the Ember is a great laser pistol with 42 energy damage, has 22 magazines and fires more than 700 rounds.

 After getting the pistol, players can progress through the Top Secret Quest. 

Players need to check on the audio and McMilan’s file and later receive the project dominion files.

In addition, players must approach and follow Ularu and then talk to Masado Imada to complete the quest.

top secrets mission
Complete the Top Secret quest.

Players will also receive 11000 credits and 250 XP as a reward. 

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The Bottom Line

Players can transfer the Datura ship in the fleet after approaching Malai in the Saturn Orbot.

However, players must do Top Secrets missions and must select the correct dialogue options.

After completing the quest, players can receive credits, Xp, ships, and a great laser gun.

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