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New Golden Blitz Feature In Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go has just revealed a new Golden Blitz event, which has got the whole Monopoly community talking.

Apparently, this is a feature aiding the management of golden stickers in Monopoly Go.

Although golden stickers are rare, they can be easily piled up after playing the game regularly.

In Monopoly Go, the Golden Blitz feature allows players to trade gold stickers with others by making use of duplicate golden stickers.

Continue reading this article to know more about this feature.

Introduction To Golden Blitz

Golden Blitz is a freshly introduced feature that allows players to trade in order to solve the duplication issue.

This will also help players complete the collection of various sticker packs in the future.

But note that this event is not launched globally and is only being tested in Spain and South America.

Golden Blitz In Monopoly Go
Golden Blitz in Monopoly Go.

Hence, the players outside these regions must use a VPN to test this feature for themselves.

Also, there is a restriction on which stickers can be traded in this feature(as of now).

Players can only trade the golden cards from the Discovery and Happy Trading sets.

But in the future, this feature is bound to get an update if the test is successful in these two regions.

However, it is currently unknown whether this feature will be accessible globally or not.

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How To Get Golden Stickers In Monopoly Go?

The most straightforward way to get golden stickers in Monopoly Go is by opening packs.

But note that only those packs with half gold shade will guarantee a golden sticker.

The higher rarity packs will give you more golden stickers however, you might need to get it from the store.

But fret not because free-to-play players can also get these stickers from the daily treat pack.

Another way to accumulate these packs is by logging into the game daily to get them from login rewards.

Players can also build houses on the board in order to receive a golden pack.

Once a property has five houses, it will be upgraded to a hotel.

A Way To Get A Golden Ticket In Monopoly Go
Wheel Spin in Monopoly Go.

Finally, once a color set has a hotel on each square, the color set will be completed, rewarding you with a Wheel Spin.

The Wheel Spin feature is another way of getting a golden ticket pack but landing on one requires pure luck.

Players can also get golden tickets by completing boards. Each board completion will reward you with a sticker pack.

The game also allows players to exchange their duplicate stars for stickers through vaults.

The vaults require 100, 500, and 1,500 stars to open depending on their rarity(green, blue, and pink).

Getting Cards According To Their Rarity

It is very easy to attain the 1-star golden stickers as they are frequently available in daily logins or sticker packs.

2-star golden stickers can be easily acquired from sticker packs by opening the blue vault or by completing boards.

4-Star Rarity Pack in monopoly Go
4-Star Rarity Pack in Monopoly Go.

The 3-star golden stickers can be collected after completing daily quests or by opening a pink vault(2,500 stars).

For 4-star golden stickers, players need to perform very well during the tournament milestone events.

Finally, players must win a tournament for the rarest 5-star golden tickets which is the hardest feat to achieve in the game.

The Bottom Line

The Golden Blitz feature will be one of the best in the game as players have been pledging for it for quite a while.

According to multiple Reddit users, it is already getting a very positive response in Spain and SA regions.

Nevertheless, this feature will enhance the playing experience by providing a way for players to manage their golden cards.

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