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Tips To Reach The Highest Level: Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go players are confused about the game’s highest level and wonder how to reach the top of the leaderboard.

Even though players progress through numerous boards, the game takes them on an endless journey.

To reach the highest level in Monopoly Go, you must increase your networth and properties by earning more Xp, upgrading and building the landmarks until you collect the blue tokens. Besides, use powerups for advantages like extra money and dice rolls.

Continue reading to learn more about how you can reach the highest level in Monopoly Go.

Highest Level In Monopoly Go

The highest level in Monopoly Go is 24,227 at the moment globally, but it will change with time.

As the players complete more boards, the game becomes more expensive as the level rises.

monopoly roll the dice
Roll dice comparatively more to keep advancing in the game.

Hence, players need to roll dice comparatively more to keep advancing in the game whose limit is uncertain.

Nevertheless, you can still continue to play the game so that you can earn money, properties and other valuable items.

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How To Level Up In Monopoly Go?

You will be able to reach the highest level in Monopoly Go with little effort in no time.

First, you must prioritize completing all the daily challenges as it will give you a good amount of XP upon completion.

Besides, daily challenges are usually beginner-level and easy to complete for you.

The second way to level up and reach the highest level is to play with friends.

Indeed, playing with friends as often as possible can earn more XP for each action you take.

If you want to reach the level in Monopoly Go, the best thing you can do is play the game regularly.

Earn More XP On Monopoly Go

Once you reach level the highest level, you will not be able to earn more XP.

Furthermore, the XP system in Monopoly Go is based on the amount you earn and the number of properties you own.

  • You must increase the times you pass Go to earn more XP throughout the game.
  • You need to complete the objectives in the game and win games for bonus XP.
  • Invest in properties and make intelligent property purchases.
  • Increase and collect rent from the opponents for chances of winning.
  • Use powerups for advantages like extra money, dice rolls etc.
  • Play with friends to earn extra XP and bonuses.
  • Keep an eye out for daily rewards and events to participate in for a quick XP boost.
  • Complete the collection features to gather specific sets of properties or items to maximize your level of progress.

How To Check The Highest Level In Monopoly GO?

If you are wondering what the highest level in Monopoly Go is, you have to press on the Friends tab.

Now, select the leaderboard from the New Menu that pops up, and then you’ll need to select the Global tab.

Right here, you will see the time ranking of the players at the moment, which basically shows the top ranks.

The first name on the top of the leaderboard shows the highest level, which is 24,227 currently.

Check Your Level In Monopoly Go

Besides, you can find your current level displayed at the top left corner of the main screen beside a star icon with an embedded M.

If you click on this number, you can access a Menu that displays all the available actions and items for you and locked items.

Tips To Reach The Highest Level

In Monopoly Go, your net worth is all the fruit you get for your progress.

Hence, it would be best if you worked on increasing your Net worth in the game to reach the maximum level.

highest level in monopoly
Check on and complete all the networth updates.

If you follow the guidelines below, it will help you reach the highest level in Monopoly Go.

  1. Check on and complete all the networth updates.
  2. Keep building the landmarks until you collect the blue tokens with lots of M.
  3. Keep on increasing your properties by earning lots of XPs.
  4. Keep upgrading your buildings and landmarks to increase your net worth.
  5. Complete the property color sets.
  6. Reach the net worth tier to unlock exciting rewards
  7. Raise your position on the global leader board.
  8. Complete all the milestones to double exclusive rewards.
  9. Finally, complete the highest level, and in return, you’ll earn rewards like 100 dice or even 1000 dice based on the level’s intensity.

The Bottom Line

The increasing levels of Monopoly do not include anything new except for the higher prices.

Surprisingly, no player has claimed to reach the limit till today.

Even if most players don’t reach the highest level, the game offers enjoyment through property purchases and dice rolling.

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