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Rewards In Equity Extravaganza Event In Monopoly Go

Many players are excited to know the rewards they can earn during the Equity Extravaganza event in Monopoly Go.

This event is all about the calculations of investing and spending your money to thrive financially in the game.

In the Equity Extravaganza event in Monopoly Go, you can earn rewards like a 1-Star Green Sticker Pack, 10 Peg-E Prize Drop Chips, 1400 free dice rolls etc by earning maximum event points in each increasing level. 

Continue reading to learn more about the new Equity Extravaganza Event In Monopoly Go.

What Is Equity Extravaganza Event In Monopoly Go?

Equity Extravaganza is an exciting new event in Monopoly Go that takes the game’s financial challenges to a new level.

At this event, you will have the opportunity to showcase your financial awareness by managing your money smartly.

Equity Extravaganza event
The Equity Extravaganza event in Monopoly Go will test your skills to earn money by buying, selling or even raiding banks.

Furthermore, this event will allow you to earn maximum profits by buying, selling and trading your assets in the game.

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Pros Of The Equity Extravaganza Event

The Equity Extravaganza event in Monopoly Go will test your skills to earn money by buying, selling or even raiding banks.

1. Way To Financial Triumph

In Monopoly Go, the heart of the new Equity Extravaganza event lies within the ability of the players to achieve financial triumphs.

During this event, participants face challenges that test their financial decisions.

Hence, you must intelligently spend your money and invest clearly to make a positive impact in the game.

2. Buy, Sell And Trade Your Properties

The Equity Extravaganza event will give you the opportunity to buy as well as sell new properties, buildings, businesses and landmarks.

Besides, you must strategically trade your properties, business, and landmarks to maximize your earnings.

Moreover, your ability to buy assets and sell them for huge profit will give you a chance to financial triumph in Monopoly Go.

3. Let Your Portfolio Shine

The integral element of this event is to make your portfolio stronger by managing your assets and investments wisely in Monopoly Go.

Hence, you must expand your holdings, increase your business assets, and engage in strategic trades with other players.

4. Making Stocks Soar

During the Equity Extravaganza event, you can make your stocks skyrocket.

Thus, use clever tactics to increase the value of your stock investments in the game and watch out for your competitors.

5. Competitive Environment 

Since this event is about managing your finances, there will be healthy competition between players while trading their properties.

Similarly, the choice of when to buy, sell, or hold onto assets can make all the difference during this event.

6. Limited-Time Event

Equity Extravaganza is a limited-time event in Monopoly Go.

Hence, players must act smartly while spending money to build their cities in Monopoly Go.

All Equity Extravaganza Event Rewards From Levels 1-51

In the Equity Extravaganza event of Monopoly Go, you must earn specific points according to the Levels to claim your rewards.

Hence, this event is for a limited time so look at the following table to understand how many points you need to earn rewards.

Equity Extravaganza LevelEvent PointsRewards
1251-Star Green Sticker Pack
24015 Free Dice Rolls
3205 Peg-E Prize Drop Chips
512555 Free Dice Rolls
7501-Star Green Sticker Pack
8408 Peg-E Prize Drop Chips
95510-Minute Cash Grab Bonus
10325160 Free Dice Rolls
114010 Peg-E Prize Drop Chips
13701-Star Green Sticker Pack
158515 Peg-E Prize Drop Chips
16850450 Free Dice Rolls
17902-Star Orange Sticker Pack
1810015-Minute Rent Frenzy
1912020 Peg-E Prize Drop Chips
211200650 free dice rolls
22150Green Sticker Pack
2317540 Peg-E Prize Drop chips
2420070 free dice rolls
262000900 free dice rolls
2725010 Mins High Roller
2827550 Peg-E Prize Drop chips
29300Golden Orange Sticker Pack
30400100 free dice rolls
3250060 Peg-E Prize Drop chips
33600140 free dice rolls
34700Blue Sticker Pack
358005 Mins Cash Boost
3638001400 free dice rolls
381000Blue Sticker Pack
391300100 Peg-E Prize Drop chips
4170002.5K free dice rolls
42160020 Mins High Roller
431.55K130 Peg-E Prize Drop chips
441700Purple Sticker Pack
451800550 free dice rolls
471900600 free dice rolls
482000150 Peg-E Prize Drop chips
494000Golden Blue Sticker pack
5116KGolden Blue Sticker Pack and 6.7K free dice rolls

Earn Money And Win Dice Rolls In Monopoly Go

You can improve your chances of winning by making smart money choices during the Equity Extravaganza event.

Hence, you can earn more money by getting extra chances to roll the dice in Monopoly Go.

  • You can earn free dice rolls by completing missions, watching ads, inviting friends, etc.
  • Use a higher multiplier and boost it by landing on the Go tile for more income and rent from your properties.
  • Build and upgrade your landmarks early to increase your net worth and make your board attractive to others.
  • Your competitors in the game can attack your landmarks and decrease your income, so use shields to protect them.
  • You can play shutdown and bank heist to attack other players and earn money by destroying their buildings or stealing from their bank.
  • Collect stickers from chests, events, or friends and complete albums to receive rewards like dice rolls, coins, boosters, or landmarks.

The Bottom Line

Equity Extravaganza in Monopoly Go is a fun event where you can show off your financial skills.

Furthermore, you can buy, sell, and trade properties to earn profit and become a money expert.

Thus, you can triumph financially by making good decisions and growing wealth at this event in Monopoly Go.

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