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Monopoly Go Color Set Complete: Benefits And Uses

A complete color set in Monopoly Go is a great tactic players can deploy to win the game easily.

Furthermore, this tactic is player-friendly and does not require players to consider too many other tactics.

A complete color set in Monopoly Go is obtainable through the use of a single color on multiple consecutive streets. This tactic allows players to use other tactics to gain an advantage over the other players in Monopoly Go.

This article discusses the complete color set in Monopoly Go.

What Is Complete Color Set In Monopoly Go?

A complete color set is a street of the same colors in Monopoly Go.

There are a total of eight colors that exist in the game. Players can make a total of eight complete color sets.

The colors are Brown, Light Blue, Pink, Orange, Red, Yellow, Green and Dark Blue.

Among the eight colors, players know brown as “Dark Purple” and Pink as “Magenta.”

Monopoly Go complete color set
There are a total of eight colors in Monopoly Go.

Similarly, Monopoly Go revolves around acquiring various buildings and areas.

Furthermore, the use of the colors is predominantly towards acquiring various buildings, however, there are other uses for the colors as well.

To get a complete color set, players must have a whole street in the same color, thus, players must pay attention to that factor as well.

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Uses Of Complete Color Set In Monopoly Go

There are pretty much two significant uses of a complete set in Monopoly Go.

Furthermore, players must first get a complete color set to make use of the color set.

As mentioned, players must have multiple streets with the same color to get a complete color set.

Here is a list of uses of the complete color set in Monopoly Go:

1. Create Buildings

The first use is to create various buildings in the area that you own.

As mentioned before, you can own the area or streets using the complete color set in Monopoly Go.

Furthermore, obtaining more buildings and then acquiring more streets can allow players to win the game quickly.

Thus, a complete set in Monopoly Go is quite advantageous for the players.

2. Increase The Rent

The second and last use is to increase the rent of the buildings in any given area that the player owns.

This allows players to gain more money and buy various properties in the game.

Moreover, this leads to the first use, where they can simply monopolize the entire deck.

Thus, players must focus on completing their color set to gain a significant advantage in the game.

However, there are other tactics that players can deploy to win the game.

Lastly, players can deploy tactics other than the complete color set to win the game.

Whereas using this method can be a lot easier for newer players.

monopoly go complete color set board
Complete color set board in Monopoly Go.

The Bottom Line

Getting a complete color set is relatively easy for players. Furthermore, it is an excellent way of playing the game if you are new to it,

However, as you advance through the game, you will want to learn more tactics to deploy to have various tricks up your sleeve.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in obtaining a complete color set and using it in Monopoly Go.

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