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A Begginer Guide To Versusia In Granblue Fantasy Versus

Granblue Fantasy Versus is a fighting game based on the popular mobile RPG Granblue Fantasy.

The game features a roster of characters from the original game and some new ones.

One of the most anticipated and mysterious new characters in Granblue Fantasy Versus is Versusia, a four-armed, horned, and tailed woman. Furthermore, Versusia is the new character coming in the second season pass of DLC characters.

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Who Is Versusia In Granblue Fantasy Versus?

Versusia is a new character who was first revealed in a data mine of the game’s files.

She is not yet officially announced or playable, but she is expected to be part of the second season pass of DLC characters.

Versusia bio
Versusia bio in Granblue Fantasy Versus.

According to the data mine, she is a boss character in the main story mode and is related to the primal beast Beelzebub.

Versusia leak files
Versusia leaked files from the data mine.

Versusia’s design is unique and striking, as she has red skin, blue hair, blue eyes, and four arms.

She also has horns, a tail, and mechanical parts on her body.

Similarly, she also wears a revealing outfit that consists of a black dress, and boots.

Likewise, she also has a large sword that she can wield with two or four arms.

Versusia in granblue
Versusia in Granblue Fantasy Versus

Versusia’s personality and motives are not yet clear, but she seems to be a ruthless and powerful fighter who enjoys combat.

Moreover, Versusia’s gameplay style is not yet confirmed, but based on the data mine, she seems to be a fast and aggressive character.

Similarly, she can also use her four arms to perform various attacks and combos.

She also has a unique mechanic that allows her to unlock her special moves during the match, similar to Susanoo from BlazBlue.

Furthermore, she can also use her sword to slash, stab, and throw at her opponents.

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How To Defeat Versusia In Granblue Fantasy Versus?

Since Versusia is not yet playable, there is no definitive way to defeat her in Granblue Fantasy Versus.

However, based on the information available, we can make some educated guesses and tips on how to deal with her.

1. Versusia Attacking Style

Versusia is likely to be a very mobile and unpredictable character, who can use her four arms to attack from different angles and distances.

She can also switch between two-handed and four-handed sword modes, which might change her attack properties and speed.

Therefore, it is important to be alert and ready to block or dodge her attacks, and to punish her when she leaves an opening.

2. Long Range Attacks

Versusia might have a weak defense, as she seems to rely on her offense and speed to overwhelm her opponents.

She might also have a low health pool, as she is a boss character who is meant to be challenging but not impossible to beat.

Therefore, it is advisable to use characters who can deal high damage and pressure her with strong attacks and combos.

Characters who can use long-range attacks might also have an advantage, as they can keep her at bay and chip away at her health.

3. Dodge Or Intercept Her Special Moves

Versusia might have a special power meter that allows her to unlock her special moves during the match.

She might also have a super move that can deal massive damage and have invincibility frames.

Therefore, it is crucial to keep an eye on her power meter and avoid her special and super moves when she activates them.

It might also be possible to interrupt her by hitting her with a counter or a throw, which might prevent her from using her special moves.

The Bottom Line

Versusia is a new and intriguing character who will join the roster of Granblue Fantasy Versus in the future.

To defeat her, it is important to be alert and ready to block or dodge her attacks, deal high damage, and pressure her.

Furthermore, Versusia is a character who will surely add more excitement and challenge to the game.

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