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Monopoly Go Extra Puzzle Pieces: What To Do With It?

In Monopoly Go, players participating in the Toy Maker Partners event must collect puzzle pieces to complete this event.

As the event concluded on October 7, 2023, many players were in a dilemma regarding what to do with the Extra Puzzle Pieces.

Extra Puzzle Pieces in Monopoly Go are the remaining Puzzle Pieces from the Maker Partners event. Furthermore, the game has confirmed that it can be converted into money or dice and sent to their friend to end the event faster.

This article discusses how to obtain Extra Puzzle Pieces and what to do with them in Monopoly Go.

What Are The Puzzle Pieces In Monopoly Go?

Puzzle Pieces are the type of currency in the Monopoly Go All Toy Maker Partners Event.

They are used to build four toys with other players for prizes, including dice rolls and cash.

The player is spinning a roulette with the help of the Puzzle Pieces to obtain points.

Furthermore, collecting and spending Puzzle Pieces reward you with the point that increases the toy’s progress.

Here are some methods to collect the Puzzle Pieces in Monopoly Go;

1. Collect Puzzle Pieces From The Board

Players can get the Puzzle Pieces by landing on the tiles with the icon and can use the 5x multiplier to earn more of these pieces.

However, using this multiplier has a high risk and takes more dice. So, you can try plenty of other ways to gather free dice rolls.

2. Finish The Event’s Milestone

The game features tons of other events consecutively that can offer plenty of rewards.

For instance, the Gizmo Gourmet event is live and offers some Puzzle Pieces.

However, players must reach a particular milestone to get on Puzzle Pieces.

3. Shop Eight-Hour Login Gift

Every day, the shop refreshes for 8 hours. This helps players get the chance to win Puzzle Pieces each day

Thus, these are some methods to earn the Puzzle Pieces in Monopoly Go to complete the Toy Maker partners event.

Using this method will give you a vast amount of Puzzle Pieces. So, players will have tons of extra left even after the event ends.

Therefore, many players are confused about what can be done with the Extra Puzzle Pieces.

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What To Do With Extra Puzzle Pieces In Monopoly Go?

The primary job of Puzzle Pieces is to spin the wheel to get points for building the toy.

However, once you complete the primary task, you will have an abundance of extra Puzzle pieces remaining.

Here are the step-by-step guide on what to do with the Extra Puzzle Pieces;

1. Transfer It To Partner

If you have completed your part of the event and still have some Extra Puzzle Pieces.

You can give them to your partner who is lacking the pieces.

This will help to complete the event faster and be on the top of the leaderboard.

2. Extra Prizes For Extra Puzzle Pieces

Additionally, the game has confirmed on its Facebook page that you will be rewarded for your Extra Puzzle Piece.

It is likely to be converted into dice or money.

Similar to the monster truck event, where they converted the pieces into dice and in the chocolate event, they converted them into money.

Moreover, keep collecting the Puzzle Pieces as much as possible from the methods mentioned earlier.

monopoly go extra puzzle pieces
A user on Reddit is sharing what to do with the Extra Puzzle Pieces.

The Bottom Line

Players can obtain the Puzzle Pieces from the landing on the board, other events(Gizmo Gourmet event), and Shop Eight-Hour Login Gift.

This method can also help get Extra Puzzle Pieces, and players can convert the extra ones into rewards such as dice and money.

Therefore, keep grinding and collecting the Puzzle Pieces to get Extra rewards.

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