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Valorant Wrapped: Get Flashback Of 2023

The Wrapped feature is now exclusive not just on music platforms but on games as well.

Players can get a recap of Riot’s free-to-play tactical shooter, Valorant.

Valorant Wrapped 2023 provides players with statistics including top agents, favorite maps, Kill/Death/Assist Ratio, total time, and Special Moments. To get Wrapped, players should enable the Communication Preferences setting. 

Continue reading about Valorant Wrapped 2023 and the process to access the feature.

What Is Valorant Wrapped 2023?

Valorant Wrapped will provide a detailed analysis of the whole year in just a single click.

Hence, players no longer need to install third-party apps for the statistics, including Valorant Tracker and Blitz.

Initially, players could view the statistics using the external sites on their games without facing a ban.

However, using the sites could risk players getting a permanent ban after an update.

Thankfully, Riot has come up with an exciting feature that no longer needs the support of third-party apps.

Players can view the following details with the new Valorant Wrapped 2023.

1. Damage Output

Players can view the statistics, including the Kill/Death/Assist ratio and the total damage output.

Now, players can determine if they have enough contribution to assist their team.

Players can also view the headshot percentage; hence, players can improve on certain guns.

In addition, players facing confusion between Phantom and Vandal will have a clear winner.

2. Top Favorite

Players can also view the top agents’ statistics to clarify their favorite roles.

If players have the highest contribution and frags as a Dueslist, they can switch from Controller, Sentinel, or Initiator agents.

Players will also have an idea about their favorite agents and the agents they need to work on.

Moreover, players will also get the win/loss percentage of the maps along with the agent role.

Hence, players can pick certain agents or roles to increase the probability of winning the game.

valorant sova wallpaper
Players can switch to initiator if they are struggling with other roles.

If players are constantly struggling in maps such as Breeze or Sunset, they can dodge once in a while.

3. Special Moments

Valorant is not just about constantly grinding to rank and level up skills, but also consists of special moments.

Another exciting feature in Valorant Warepped 2023 is the memorable highlights.

With that, Players can view their Ace, Quadra kills, clutches and match-winning kills in unranked/ranked games.

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How To View Valorant Wrapped 2023?

Here is a step-by-step process to get the Valorant Wrapped 2023 feature;

  1. Head to the Riot Game‘s site.
  2. Sign up with your Valorant username and Password.
valorant riot games
Enter the user credentials.
  1. Head to the Account Management Section and enter Communication Preferences.
  2. Tick on Communication from Riot Games button.
valorant wrapped 2023
Checkmark the communication from the riot games option.

For assurance, players should re-check their riot account and exit the browser.

Players should enable the communication settings before Dec 26, 2023 else they can miss the chance to Valorant Wrapped.

Moreover, players should have the email address, they initially signed up with while making the account.

The Bottom Line

Valorant Wrapped 2023 is a great feature for someone who constantly checks on statistics and improves likewise.

Unlike third-party trackers, players can also see videos of clutches or Aces.

Hopefully, players will receive the email of Valorant 2023 in the first week of 2024.

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