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Puzzle Pieces Link In Monopoly Go

In Monopoly Go, players are curious about how to get the Puzzle Pieces Link during the Gift Partners event.

Gift Partner event has many in-game activities where you can take part to earn many puzzle pieces.

In Monopoly Go you can get many puzzle pieces with a link in the Gift Partners event however it is not officially released yet. Besides, you can expect the link to occur at the end of the event so you can start collecting the puzzle pieces by participating in events and other in-game activities. 

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How To Collect Puzzle Pieces In Monopoly Go?

Monopoly Go’s Gift Partners event introduces puzzle pieces to spin the wheel and unlock rewards.

While the quest for free puzzle pieces links continues, there are various in-game activities to boost your puzzle piece collection.

The initial step is to check the Daily Quick Wins to earn easy puzzle pieces in Monopoly Go.

Furthermore, you can build up your weekly meter to obtain a 5-star purple pack.

You can collect puzzle pieces from different in-game activities like Quick Wins, gift shops, etc.

You can also get puzzle pieces from a gift so it is best to check the shop every 8 hours.

Besides, you can also find the puzzle pieces on tiles as you navigate through the board.

The next way to earn the puzzle pieces is to participate in events and tournaments.

So you can check the Daily Event Schedule for up-to-date details on ongoing events related to puzzle links.

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Use Multiplier To Maximize Puzzle Pieces

After you collect the puzzle piece, you can maximize your puzzle piece gains till there are any Monopoly Puzzle Pieces codes.

You can use your highest dice multiplier when you are a little away from puzzle pieces on the board.

Use a 1x multiplier to land on and rearrange puzzle pieces into groups to switch to a higher multiplier.

As of now, there is no official link that provides free puzzle pieces for Gift Partners in Monopoly Go.

The puzzle piece link may appear towards the end of the event if the distribution happens.

puzzle pieces
There is no official link that provides free puzzle pieces for Gift Partners in Monopoly Go.

Be cautious of potential scams and only click on links from trusted sources to avoid risks.

Gifts From Partners In Monopoly Go

While partners can’t directly send you puzzle pieces, you can land on the partner section of the wheel to earn yourself puzzle pieces.

Note that you can puzzle pieces equal to the number used by your partner by spinning the wheel.

Furthermore, you can explore various in-game activities to enhance your puzzle piece collection in Monopoly Go.

  • Access the Quick Wins menu for easy puzzle pieces during the partners’ event.
  • Participate in tournaments, play mini-games, and reach milestones to earn puzzle pieces.
  • Keep an eye on the top of the game’s screen for special event items along with puzzle pieces.
  • Collect a free shop gift every eight hours that often contains event tokens during Gift Partners.
  • Land on scattered puzzle pieces across the board to collect them based on your last dice throw.

What Happens To Monopoly Go Puzzle Pieces After Game Ends?

Players earn various in-game currencies while playing different tournaments including Pick axe and Puzzle Pieces.

However, not all of those currencies are usable to obtain rewards due to the end of the game or tournament.

To prevent any loss from the player’s perspective, Monopoly offers players cash as a replacement.

The total cash depends on the number of leftover Puzzle Pieces; hence the more pieces players have the more cash they get.

Unfortunately, the Cash is probably underwhelming for players due to its low value.

Nonetheless, it can certainly assist players in building the empire or approaching attack in the long run.

The Bottom Line

Though the puzzle pieces link is still not yet officially available, you can participate in events to collect puzzle pieces.

Make sure to collaborate with partners during the Monopoly Go’s Gift Partners event to collect more rewards.

Thankfully, players can use the Monopoly Go puzzle pieces left over and convert to cash to start their build journey.

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