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Explore The Sticker Boom Event In Monopoly Go

Sticker Boom is a new short event recently launched in Monopoly Go, available for a limited time.

The event rewards players with 50% more stickers from the sticker packs.

The Sticker Boom event in Monopoly Go is your chance to complete the sticker album faster. Completing the sticker album gets you more rewards like game tokens, cash prizes or free dice rolls.

Continue reading to learn more about Sticker Boom and the rewards you get from the event in Monopoly Go.

What Are Monopoly Go Stickers?

Monopoly Go stickers are collectable items that you can collect to complete your sticker album.

You get stickers as a reward while playing the game to complete your sticker collection

List of Monopoly Go Stickers
Collecting Stickers for Monopoly Go to complete the album.

Every time you open the pack, you get stickers you can use in the album.

However, you may get duplicate stickers while opening the pack that you can exchange with safes.

The safes have a variety of rewards every 24 hours.

Furthermore, collecting stickers to complete the album is a great way to earn free dice rolls.

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Sticker Boom Event In Monopoly Go

The sticker boom event is a short event that runs alongside other events and tournaments in Monopoly Go.

During this event, you get 50% more stickers every time you open the pack.

However, it is only available for a limited time.

New Sticker boom Event in Monopoly Go
Sticker Boom is a short event in Monopoly Go.

The Sticker Boom event runs with the Buzzing Beez tournament or other bank heists.

After you complete the tournament, you get a Sticker pack as a reward.

However, because of the sticker boom event, there are more number of stickers in the pack than usual.

Collect Sticker Boom Event in Monopoly Go.
You get more stickers in the pack during the Sticker Boom event in Monopoly Go.

Rewards In Sticker Boom Event

Similar to other Monopoly Go events, you get various rewards in the sticker boom event as well.

The rewards you get during the event are explained below:

1. More Stickers In The Packs

This is the main reward for the Sticker Boom event, as you get 50% more stickers in the pack.

It allows you to complete your album easily as you get new stickers.

Further, instead of receiving six stickers from the purple pack, you get nine stickers.

2. New Tokens For Completing Entire Album

As you get more stickers in the packs, you have the advantage of completing the entire album faster.

Completing the entire album will reward you with a token for your token collection.

Tokens are the way to get more money in the game.

3. Exclusive Rewards For Collecting Stickers Sets

There are 21 sets in the sticker album that you need to complete.

Even after completing one set from the sticker album, you’ll get exclusive rewards.

Further, after completing each set, you get cash prizes and free dice rolls.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Sticker Boom event allows you to complete your sticker album faster in Monopoly Go.

Every time you get a sticker pack as a reward, the stickers inside are 50% more than usual.

Ensure you complete the events and tournaments to collect as many packs as possible during this event.

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