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How To Get Ice Pick In Monopoly Go?

Ice Pick is one of the essential tools in the upcoming Monopoly Go Christmas tournament.

As Christmas is around the corner, Monopoly plans to release the event any time soon.

Ice Pick helps to break the ice cubes and earn treasures in the Monopoly Go Christmas Event. To get Ice Picks in the vent, players must complete Quick wins, reach the milestone, or buy from the store.

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What Is Ice Pick In Monopoly Go?

Ice Pick is an item that is used to break ice blocks to obtain exclusive rewards in the Monopoly Go Christmas event.

The item resembles the Pickaxe in the Moonlight Treasures Tournament, which has over 16 milestones.

Moreover, the Ice Pick can come in handy to climb the levels and earn the rewards accordingly.

Reaching every milestone will guarantee players a handful of rewards, including dice rolls, dice, and stickers.

ice picks monopoly go sticker pack
Use the Pickaxe to earn the rewards.

However, earning the Ice Pick is exceptionally tricky, confirming players must have to invest thousands of dice in the board.

If players are in the early stages of the tournaments, they will get enough treasures.

Completing the milestone will somewhat decrease the chance of getting the treasures.

However, the catch is players need to find the Treasures in order to rank up and earn valuable packs.

Process To Get Ice Pick In Monopoly Go?

Collecting the Ice Pick is difficult in the Christmas Event; nonetheless, there are still a few ways to earn them;

1. Quick Wins

The most straightforward method to obtain the Ice Pick is through Quick Wins.

To complete the Quickwins, players should complete the challenges before the daily refresh.

Thankfully, Quickwins are more straightforward to achieve as players just need to roll dice in the board game.

2. Collect The Ice Pick

At the start of the event, players only have limited Ice Pick; hence, they should use it wisely.

Strategically placing the Ice Pick for treasures will increase the chance of leveling up.

When players level up in the Christmas event, players will receive a few ice picks, depending upon the progression.

3. Free Gifts

The Free Gifs section in the in-game shop resets every eight hours in Monopoly Go.

If players are lucky, they can get the Ice Pick; otherwise, players can get a few dice rolls and cash.

4. Buy From Shop

Many players have no luck getting items, including stickers, Pickaxe, or Ice Pick in Monopoly Go.

Players who are willing to complete every milestone and invest a few bucks can always buy the Store.

However, players must use the cash at their own risk as it can generate an addiction.

The Bottom Line

Ice Pick is the most important tool in the Christmas tournament to extract treasures and rewards.

However, obtaining the Ice Pick is difficult, considering there are just a few ways to obtain it.

Nonetheless, playing strategically and tactically will grant players the treasures via the utility.

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